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You have the POWER to turn things around

By December 15, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

Have you ever had the week from hell in your biz where it feels like every freaking thing is going wrong… and not just wrong, but wroooooooong!!!

If you has seen me 1 week ago you would have thought… who that hell is this gal to be coaching anyone.

I was seriously bawling my eyes out last week feeling frustrated at my results.

After a seriously good cry (thrown in with some good self loathing)…. I had a frank conversation with a girl friend and she gave me a straight up, no nonsense talking to.

Yip, even coaches need coaches and even coach loose their shit when they are expanding their businesses.

Any coach who says they don’t is full of shit¬†#justsaying¬†#keepingitreal#everyonegetsgrowingpains

So after digging deep into what was really the problem, because it ain’t always what you think it is…. I ditched a bunch of old stories and beliefs I’d been carrying around for 5 years… whaaaaat!

Yip… 5 years ago I made a small event mean a whole lot about who I was as person and that was impacting me up until last week.

Sneaking little fucker!

And what do you know… what a contrast.

This week has been a freaking epic week. A total reminder that the universe rewards action.

I shifted my focus back to what I wanted, and back into my daily biz journalling.

1 week later these result roll in.

This week has been my best week for turn over and profit for the past 2 months… like totally smashed it out of the park (who says it slows down for christmas…pffft)

I’m getting interviewed by two super rad women for their FB communities… one for biz and one for adventuring.

And I’ve just invited me to be the front page feature on the next edition of the NZ Travel Magazine.

And I now only have one place left for my 1:1 coaching to fill before the end of the year.


Feels incredible to know that I created that. We’re more powerful than we know… like seriously!

So if the shit is hitting fan in your biz (which is what it felt like the other week). Know you have the power to turn it all around.




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