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[VIDEO] FACT: You gotta own it to sell it

By February 1, 2019Uncategorized

You gotta own it to sell it

If you don’t own or understand the service that you provide and the value that that brings to your audience, there is no way that you’ll be connected enough to be able to sell it.

Hit play and let’s get stuck in!

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


Oh, dear how did that happen. ??? they just changed it. Oh my gosh. Hey hey Adventure babes in Biz, Senka here. So if you are, hopefully not coz I press a few buttons that the title still came up so I think it’s a fact if you don’t own it, you can’t sell it. So this comes off the back of an entire week of talking about this with clients. This has been a massive planning week for a whole lot of my clients as we going into 2019. They wanna get clear on what they wanna be doing for 2019 and what those relate to in terms of numbers, money in the bank, paydays so here’s, the thing if you don’t own this, you can’t sell it.

If you don’t own or understand the service that you provide and the value that that brings to your audience, there is no way that you’ll be connected enough to be able to sell it because if you’re not connected with the service that you provide or understand and feel and know the value that that brings to people’s lives then you cannot sell it because you’re not connected to it.

So it’s so important that it’s like you have to understand what it is that you do for people so not just from a service perspective and when I say service, I mean, like that, can be product of whatever so, whether it’s like you do, um you know hiking tours surfing adventures um. You dopush craft or trail running or anything like that that’s a service that you provide. We provide a service of hey sheridan. You provide a service of service of doing the thing, but then the value that that service brings to somebody is we, If people miss that part of it and when you’re not connected to it, we don’t understand it, you don’t feel that you bring value to it. I can guarantee you you will struggle to charge what you actually really want to be and you won’t make the money that you want to in your adventures because you’re stuck on seeinghow ??? awesome you are and how ??? awesome it is what you do for people.

So the value the adventure girls brings to people is that we organize you know we do kick ??? adventures that’s service that we provide, but the value that of that for everyone is that we’re saving them time because they don’t need to organize anything. We are saving them um having to feel alone in the weekends and hit like they got no friends we’re also the value that we’re providing are these kick ??? adventures and amazing experiences and that they get to go home and share with all their family and with all their friends so and here’s the thing it’s like.

I know that that brings that to my ladies, that book and come on my adventures like without a doubt which is why I charge what I do for my adventures but if you just think you’re just here to provide a service and do a thing and you don’t value your time that you put into creating those adventures or the costs that are actually associated with running a business or your operating expenses and all that stuff . Then you will just forever undercharge for what it is that you are creating and the adventures that you’re putting on and let’s be fair, that sucks!

It sucks putting all that effort into creating these amazing experiences for people which is not being sometimes life changing for them and you come out at the end of the day and everyone’s raving about it and you have made no money from putting all that effort and time into creating adventures. So I want you, ladies here, whether you’re at the considerations stage of starting up your own adventure biz and you’re like I really wanna do adventures for women and the thing that you love whatever your outdoor obsession is and you go, this is the thing I’ve always wanted to do or whether you are already in year one or two of your business and you’ve been trying a few things with bits and pieces up and you haven’t got the traction and your Bank accounts really empty for it and you’re actually feeling really exhausted because you’ve been doing that, then it’s time to put a stop to that and really understand the value that you bring to people and then in turn relating that into the charges that you charge for your adventures.

So if you are wanting to either start your adventure business or you’re into your first year or two and you’re just not getting the results that you want to in it then hit me up in a private message along with this video or of course, you can always check out workwithsenka.com on the different ways that you and I can work together so you can get some clarity on that and, let’s be honest, some cash in your bank. So hit me up in one of those two ways in how we can work together. I’ve got some time into this year to book on some planning sessions, if you need and when you actually go through and look at what it is that you serve as any practice that you are doing, but most importantly, the value of it and your mindset around making money in your adventure biz. Until then, have a totally kick ??? day and here’s to you to turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and of course, without the overwhelm. Here is to clarity and cash flow. See you, ladies