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Why would someone choose to WORK WITH ME?

By January 25, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


So i just got asked Why would someone choose to work with me?

At first I was like oh that easy.. im awesome… ha ha ha

And then in dropping into the questions more I felt resistance around making a stand for who I am and what I stand for.
It’s so easy to hide behind what we ‘know’ (all the information that we have gathered over the years)’ and use that to lead or conversations…

or what we ‘don’t know’ (all the information that we think we need to know in order to do what it is we want) that stops us taking a step forward.

Here’s what came up when I first started journalling around the question.

The surface stuff was, cause I know my shit, I’ve been running a businesses on and off for 12 years, Im and NLP Coach, I’ve learned more strategies than you can shake a stick at… blah blah blah….

But the stuff underneath that made my heart skip a beat and the stuff that I’m really connected to that actually matter was…

{Because Im someone who actual gives a shit about your biz}

{That after all the cookie cutter experiences Ive been through I promise not to put you through that}

{Because I’m not here to sell you a bullshit promise that it’ll be rainbows and butterflies and happy clappies every day when you launch your biz or grow it}

{I’ll tell you how it really is… sometimes totally freaking epic, sometimes just another day the office, sometimes a ‘throw in the towel day’, and a million variations between.}

[I got your back girl… through the epic high five moments and the ‘why the hell am I doing this moments’, I will hold a space for you and remind you that YOU GOT THIS and that YOU CAN and YOU DID}

So… tell me this babe…

– what in your heart do you stand for…

– what’s you answer to ‘why would someone choose to work with you”

– can you find your voice to say what you stand for

When you can stand and declare who you are, and what you stand for from you heart of hearts in that moment… people will feel you, and they will want to work with you.

So if that sounds like the kinda gal you wanna have help ya launch or grow your biz in the space of adventure, the outdoors, travel or exploring, then you and me let’s do this:


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