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[LIVE] Why websites can be a waste of money for your adventure biz

By March 1, 2019Adventure Girls Blog

Why websites can be a waste of money for your adventure biz

Let me show you what I showed my client today. And if you wanna find out how we can work together. You can find out more at workwithsenka.com

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Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


Hey Hey adventure babes in biz and senka here creator of adventure girls in biz and of course, adventure girls alright and in today’s live as just come off the back of having a session of with one of my clients and we got on the topic of talking about websites. The question was “Do I need a website” and I said to her websites are actually be a big waste of money and I just wanna talk about that and here for you now uh my client has just started up your business actually within the last three And she’s brand new to the space of running her business, so here is the thing when it comes to building a website and why I say it’s a waste of money when you’re first starting at your business.

Creating a website can do a couple of things number one is it can distract you from actually doing the things that are gonna generate sales and marketing doing sales and marketing in your business um the website can be a massive distraction and, secondly, you probably don’t know your business well enough. Yet to get a full blowing website done and they can cost a fortune to read oh, if you’re gonna do them so This is literally what I drew for her because she said so. I said a shall I do a website and I was like Part of the strategy that we’re gonna be doing is um of course, using facebook and instagram and all of that and I recommend that she cut her teeth.

Using facebook first to actually get an understanding of your business. Otherwise you can spend thousands getting a website design based on where you think your business is gonna go when you are starting out and then two months down the track when you actually really start to understand how your business as you have to go ahead and change it all anyway, so what I recommend She bought through the main name so if you’re starting out and a venture business and you aren’t uh I’m just gonna say I’m fully clear on what you’re doing.

We should actually be clear on some of what you’re doing, but if you’re in that real startup phase of your adventure, business and this is gonna be my recommendation is that um get your facebook page up and running and it’s a little easier to um work on the fly in terms of a growing your audience growing your business and understanding your messaging and who your audience answers um buy the domain name that you need for your business and if you want to you, can create a one page, lending um for your website.

Do not bother investing and understanding pagans understanding all of that just in the first six months of your business because it will be a waste of your time. You really want to understand how your business is going to operate and also understand how it is that you, like what functions you’re gonna need for your um for your business so, if you’re new to the whole game you’ll be trying to understand that process so you don’t wanna build something on what you think you need. You wanna build something. What you know you need to this is literally. I hope I’m not sure if this is gonna come out the right way and apparently there’s a way we Actually, flip this so let me just quickly jump in and see if I can do no buttons right not that flip of that’s my view as an light we’re Gonna flip and I think if we press that button oh look at that so you can actually see her brandon here so uh my client Tracy she’s sitting business school. She runs while and this is literally what I told her to put on her um with my uh they’re like where’s my finger gone this is literally.

What I told her to put on here um landing page to be a home page to business brand and tag line hershey’s for Her services and who am I and these buttons here will actually click through to her facebook page for now. So she uh this one is for training programs that she’ll do so. She would like that to your email. Um and this is her away adventures for train running and that we’re learning through the facebook. This is so weeks and working backwards and then this one over here goes to her order and free run series, but about who she is so she can build on that know, like and trust and who she’s for.

Branding so the reason that I’ve suggested that she keep it I’m just gonna flip. It back the other way so it makes sense in my brain oh it’s been a so the reason. I say to keep it really really simple as because those are the things that she knows right now and then going through the full process of needing to get people up and um onto adventures and all that that stuff can be put on facebook for now, because you can make a changes easily and quickly and they’re now I’m not saying don’t have a website for your business and the long term, but what I’m saying And what I’m saying is don’t get caught up and needing a facebook in order to be doing sales in your business.

Right now you will be able to build that no like and trust your website definitely will give you social proof that you are a business, a legit business and you’re here to stay and you mean business and that’s the thing, but if you think the only reason that people are going to buy from us because you have a website that is complete. People will check you out on social media that will look for support social proof of who you are and you can build great relationships and they’re so longterm game. Yes, you definitely want to look at getting yourself a website short term in the startup phase get something simple. If you work when you work with me, you will always hear me talking about let’s just get things started and what’s gonna be the path of least resistance so building a full blown website is gonna take a lot of time and energy and can’t take a lot of money so that is a simple strategy to get you started with getting some um uh getting Just a great, simple brochure, uh up so people know who you are. They can engage with you and they can find out more from you and in the meantime, you can work on creating your content and that’s the staff in a space on facebook with its building and um of course, we’ll be doing it.

What are we doing things to bring them on to a list so that you can build that s it so if you uh have an outdoor obsession and you wanna turn that into a pumping burgers and you don’t Do it alone deal with all the guess work and then you can reach out and find out how you can work with me to help you grow your business and you can find out more at workwithsenka.com for the link in here to make it nice and easy and I’ll, even put a snapshot of um tracey’s like very basic uh website that’s actually gonna just be one page, so you can understand what I’m talking about so here’s to you, ladies uh, getting up and doing some more cool shirt and building a business in the That you love alright I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.