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[VIDEO] Which ‘F’ Word Are You Selling From?

By February 12, 2018Adventure Girls Blog


Selling… is it one of those words when you hear you cringe and picture a half balding car salesman in a Hawaiian shirt?

Or do you freak out about telling people what it costs to come on your adventures and kinda hope they like it enough to come.

Hold on just a minute sista… selling your epic adventures shouldn’t be that hard right?

If you’re struggling to sell your adventures then theres a good chance you’re using the wrong ‘F’ word.

Coming from the first ‘F’ word and it’s killing ya biz… stink!

Time to ditch that and get things cranking for ya.

Whether you’re toying with the idea of starting something and you just don’t even know what it the right thing to do first, or you have set some stuff up but you keep going round in circles not really getting anywhere but exhausted.

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