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What really holds you back from GROWTH in your BIZ

By January 31, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


Shame. Beliefs.

This sits on my chest and shoulders, like the weight of the world is bearing down on me and I wanna run and hide.

For you it might sit somewhere else in your body, maybe your heart, maybe your gut, maybe your head?

Maybe its someones voice or words, maybe its your own words you say to yourself in you head, in the mirror or out loud….intentionally or unintentionally…

Or maybe its something completely different, but the word when you read it resonated with you as it brought up some part of you that you feel shame around.

For 10 years I let the shame of filing for bankruptcy after loosing everything in the property market crash hold me back from 100% committing to becoming a biz coach….


If you’re wanting to shift gears, get growth, get started, uplevel or what ever you want to do in your biz and you’re finding your not getting the traction…

then its time to take a deep DEEP look at what beliefs you are holding and where you might be feeling shame about something in your life.

This takes courage sista… a truck tonne of courage (that you already possess) to do.

It aint easy to lean into the feeling of shame, to feel the fear and vulnerability of sharing that outside of you.
Hell it took me 5 days of sitting on this post before I posted it, but two things drove me to share it.

The growth for me that will come from shedding light on something that I have now started to find healing in, and
That in showing up here not from a place of perfection that I have my shit together and thats why you should work with me,

but from a place of showing you that growth be it biz or life is in the realness of letting go of the deep deep beliefs in order to free you from your own self imposed limits.

you see when you are free from those limits you can 100%, balls and all commit to what ever it is you have been holding back on.

Image that huh… the freedom to fully let go and GO FOR IT!

If you’re a woman in biz (or wanting to start one), and you ready to take on the adventure or exploring past the bull shit surface stuff that’s holding you back in your biz and really find traction….

Then let’s do this:

If ya wanna start the journey of turning your passion into a profitable pumping biz, then let’s do this.

Turn Your Passion for the Outdoors, Adventure, Travel, Exploring and FUN into a Profitable Pumping Biz!