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We All Have A Choice On How We Do Life And Biz

By July 25, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

Biz doesn’t always go to plan and knowing we have a choice to make it different really sucks sometimes!

Sometimes the blame game, playing the victim, becoming overwhelmed, over compensating (or what ever it is you’re doing) feels a hell of a lot easier.

You can hide behind this ‘stuff’ consciously or unconsciously.

To know that we alone can choose what path we wanna walk…. dam you responsibility.

This can feel confronting.

When ya come from a place of choice, that’s really where the power is to shape your biz.

Choose how you want you biz to be for you girl!

Do you want it to struggle with the lessons that come (because that fact is they will), or do you want it to find the lesson and take it forward to grow and expand from?

Is it ‘easier’ to choose to take responsibility…. ummmmm…. not always.

Does it take practise…. kinda.

Will you always have your shit together… nup.


Will you be the one in charge of the direction you wanna take your biz… yip.

Does it feel good to know you are the captain of your ship… fuck yes!

So I’m curious to know… what comes up for you when you read this?

Can you see where in your biz your not stepping up to the responsibility plate, putting ya hand up and saying…

oh my bad, I totally haven’t been owning my awesome and have been hiding out behind a bunch of tactics to keep me here where it’s safe.

So where have you been hiding out in your biz babe and not taking responsibility?

Senka xx
Biz Coach & Adventure Seeker