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[VIDEO] Two Essential Questions To Ask In Your Feedback Questions To Help Sell Your Future

If you’re not asking for feedback at the end of every single adventure then you are missing out on valuable information your customers are sharing with you.

You are also missing out on stellar information to help you sell more adventures in the future.

In this free training I’m gonna share with you how you can get 100% of your adventure attendees to provide feedback.

Plus the two questions you must be asking so you can utilise that to get more bookings.

Hit play and lets jump right on in.

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


If you’re not asking for feedback at the end of every single adventure, you are not only missing out on the valuable information that they’re sharing with you in their feedback. But you also missing out on a number of ways that you can use that information to sell to clients in the future so, in today’s free video training I’m gonna cover exactly with you that information so you can use that moving forward in your business.

Hey I’m Senka Radonich creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been successfully running Adventure Girls and for the last three I’ve been teaching epic women just like you, how to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the overwhelm the guesswork or having to go at it alone. In today’s training I’m going to cover 2 things with you. The first thing is going to be how to get a hundred percent feedback on all of your adventures and then the second thing is two questions you need to be asking in your feedback so you can use that information to help sell more adventures in the future. So lets get stuck in.

#1 Get a hundred percent feedback on all your adventures

Number one is how to get a hundred percent feedback on all your adventures. And my one saying for this is ditch the digital. So many people want to use an automated process after this one in terms of sending out a thank you email and then asking people to provide feedback after the adventure. I’m here to say ditch that process and go old school and take a printed piece of paper with you with the questions on it, so that people can answer it then and there post adventure.

The reason for this is people are in their space of happiness. They have just completed their adventure. I’m gonna say if you’ve been running it you’ve done an amazing job and they are totally buzzing out from the adventure so what better time to capture all the feedback then right there in the moment, so that way you can have all the information at hand 100 percent. I switched from digital to old school after I trialled sending out digital after every adventure and I found I probably got maybe a 25 percent return rate on my feedback which wasn’t going to serve me so in switching to doing a printed copy after every adventure, I went from 25 percent to a hundred percent feedback which is outstanding so ditch the digital and go old school when it comes to getting feedback.

#2 Asking these 2 questions in your feeedback

And number two the two questions that you should be asking in your feedback are these. Number one is “why did you choose to come to our adventure instead of going by yourself. The reason I ask this question as people provide you with the exact reason that they come to do your adventures in a group format than going and doing it on their own. This information you can then use to build into your copy when you’re writing about your adventures and these are the exact words that your customers use that they have given you the reason why they come to your adventures as a group instead of going off and doing it by themselves. So make sure you ask that question and then reuse that content in a way that you can build it on to handle any objections and answer any questions in the content that you write. This is invaluable this information and it will help you engage more confidently with your customers.

And the second question that you want to ask your clients that are filling out the feedback is “what adventures do you wanna come to?” It sounds so simple but if you haven’t got a check box with a list of your upcoming adventures or range of adventures or even adventures that they want to see put on, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to re engage with a hot customer like a customer that already loves your stuff you’re missing out on that opportunity to re-market to them with the exact adventures that they want to come along to, so make sure you put a text box of some description at the bottom with your upcoming adventures and then be sure to tag them in the email system or your customer relationship management tool. Make sure you tag them in there so that when those adventures are coming up you’ve already got a list of hot prospects that you can sell that adventure to.

So there you have it, ladies the two ways that you can remember one get a hundred percent favorite on your adventures and the 2 questions that you must be asking in your feedback after every adventure. Now, if you’re interested to find out how you and I can work together to grow your own adventure biz hen you can find out more at workwithsenka.com and of course, to get more free training like this delivered to your inbox every single week make sure you subscribe at the link that is with this video and of course, here’s to you turning out your obsession into a pumping biz without the overwhelm the guess work or going at it alone. Wei’l talk soon. See you!