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Today’s LESSON brought to you from my shower

By December 15, 2016Adventure Girls Blog


Today life/business lesson is brought to you from my shower….

[NOTE: you have to be very careful of the angle you take your photos at in the shower]

Here’s the thing… where in life are you tolerating things being less than how you want them. Like, not have the right kinds of clients, not generating enough money in your business, like spending waaaay to much of the wrong type of time on the computer, or even sitting on that idea you have had thinking some day.

Ok, so your like WTF Senka, what has this got to do with you in the shower.

Well… for the past week I’ve been tolerating that the drain has been blocked, so every time I had a shower, the bottom of the shower would end up filling.

Rather than unblock it (I figured I’ll just do it the next time I have a shower) I started taking shorter showers… seemed logical at the time.

Next thing I know the dam thing has been blocked for a week and I’m getting more and more pissed off at taking shorter showers.

Here’s the thing, I knew what I needed to do to fix it, I even had everything I needed in the cupboard to do it, but it took getting really fucked off (that it somehow miraculously didnt clear itself) to actually stir my into action. NOTE: Baking soda + vinegar = unblocked drain]

So why is it in life and in our businesses do we have to wait till the drain is blocked for several days to get into action? What is it that your tolerating in your biz thats not serving you, but you keep working around instead of addressing it….

Cause I can tell ya, this morn when I had my nice long shower with no swimming pool being created at the same time, it was heaven!

We often already have the answer we need to the ‘problem’ we are avoiding, usually we havent found enough leverage to stir us into action.

If your tired of not clearing the blocks you know (or don’t know) are in your biz or the biz you wanna start, then let’s do this.

Im looking for 3 new bad ass business babes that wanna launch or grow their business in what they are passionate about.

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If ya wanna start the journey of turning your passion into a profitable pumping biz, then let’s do this.

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