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[VIDEO] Throwing things in the ‘too hard’ basket

By November 27, 2018Adventure Girls Blog
Throwing things in the 'too hard' basket - featured

Throwing things in the ‘too hard’ basket

Here are 2 Practical tools to help you help you through an overwhelming to do list.

Hit play and let’s get stuck in!

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


Did the fingers in my post coz I wanna talk to you about throwing things in the basket, but what you wanna do is go. In business, it’s pretty freaking hectic right, like the reason I’m doing this video is that I have been under the pump the last two days, was traveling so much. I’ve just been pulling the fingers this day in my video. I’ve been under the pump the last few days because I’ve been traveling so much and so it’s been exceptionally hard to keep on top of things and I have been putting new processes in place while I shift down to crush it for the next six months.

So the team can help support running the adventures, but of course, everything that could possibly not be working is not working right now and it’s so easy to throw everything in the too hard basket and just go ??? It cuz that has been what today has felt like. It has felt like a ??? it day today.

Because the list has just been crazy. Here’s the thing that I’ve been doing that has been helping me through those days where you’re just like why the hell am I doing this and who’s stupid idea was to do this, right? And that can happen so much no matter what stage you are in your adventure business, whether you are starting from scratch and you’re just deciding on what products and services and adventures you’re gonna be offering or whether you are like me & it’s you’re 8th year of doing business and it’s like how the hell have I not learned how to do this stuff? But this is all the growth and the expansion, so here’s a couple of things that I did today to help me get through this moment, where I just wanted to throw all in and just go whose stupid idea was it to run your own adventures and just like Oh my goodness!

So first thing I did was I breathed. It’s gonna sound really lame and really simple but here is the thing. When you’re getting stressed and overwhelmed, it’s so easy to get caught up and whisked away and everything and then of course you start to get really stressed out and all your energy gets ugh like this! So many times today I caught myself just doing! Whew! And just taking a moment and actually just going “Okay, what’s the next thing?” So that goes into part #2 where I got really clear on the list of things that needed doing today.

I got really clear on the things that needed to be done today and I stuck to that last because the one thing that gonna happen when you get into overwhelm, as you get into this freaking helicopter phase where you’re just like. I got a thousand things to do where do I ??? start what’s gonna go first and then you just throw out your freaking to-do list out the window and all It falls apart on you. So the two things that have gotten me through today and the freaking massive list of things that I’ve had to get done is Write a list and in this list, I chunk up so instead of running everything in detail today was like I needed to get some things completed with the Dirt Biking adventure so I just wrote “dirt biking”. I didn’t even list anything else underneath it coz that just pushes me more into overwhelm. I know that I need to complete some things for dirt biking. I needed to get some invoices paid and I needed to do a video for you ladies as well . So very clear list and then the second thing to do is to actually just breathe through it. So anytime I felt myself getting really tense and really overwhelmed and kinda just thinking what the ??? this list this is just crazy, how am I gonna get the stuff done. I legitimately just stop and took a big breath. And then I look at the list and I stuck to the list and the order of things that needed doing and what do you know, my list is like probably about eighty percent complete it’s not the end of the day yet. I’m still gonna few things to do, but it’s just so easy to wanna throw that ??? into the too hard basket and just go ??? It and I don’t wanna do it, it’s too hard, I’m leaving this alone. But there’s so much growth and all of that it’s like part of me goes “What is it that’s forcing you into overwhelm and what do you actually try to avoid doing”. So, there’s just the growth in the expansion of all that. So there’s two practical ways to get through the two ??? hand basket.

Number one – write a really simple chunked up list of things that you need to do. Number two – take a big breath And just work through the list. So go check your to do list, ditch the helicopter feeling and ditch all that other overwhelming stuff with just with those two simple things. Alright, Ladies. Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz!