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Three Books To Help Shape Your Biz

By July 14, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

A client asked me the other day what was the best book I’d read for my biz.  I thought to myself what a great question… and then when I looked at my bookshelf…. yikes!

I realised it was so hard to pick just one from the 200+ I’ve acquired over the past 12+ years I’ve been in biz.

So I picked these three that really were distinctly instrumental in helping me see me an my biz differently and really shaped my biz into what it is today, and did the below FB Live about them.

Have a watch and let me know in the comments below if you’ve read them, what you thought, or what three books you would recommend.


And if you’re looking to get things cranking in your outdoor or adventure based biz so you can get more booking or hand over those boring day to day to day tasks so you can get have more fun and adventures, then you and me let’s talk.

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Senka xx
Biz Coach & Adventure Seeker