Your Online Sisterhood of Adventure Biz BF’s Crushing The Womens Adventure Space Together

Stuff going at it alone in business right! 

I get it, being in business on your own can be the best and the worst thing ever all rolled into one.

No one to celebrate your wins with, no one to share your challenges with.  Having to find motivation and inspiration daily to keep moving forward in your biz.

Struggling to figure out which is the right strategy for you and your biz, deciding which adventures are going to yield you the most fun and profit, getting clear on exactly who your audience is, and what your point of difference is….

Trying to make sense of Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, and not to mention auto responders, websites and everything else that’s wrapped around running your biz that is creating overwhelm, confusion and frustration.

It can be so freaking exhausting…. am I right!

But, what if you could tap into a sisterhood… no wait…

Not just a sisterhood, more like THE SISTERHOOD

A rad community of adventure babes in biz, like you, turning their passion for the outdoor, adventure travel into a pumping profitable biz.

  • Women who get what your going through because they have probably been there at some point in their biz…. myself totally included.
  • Women who are here to make a difference doing what they love, plus supporting and encouraging each other along the way.
  • Women who wanna be inspired and inspiring, who wanna show up consistently, do the work in their biz and get massive results!

Whether you’re starting from scratch and running your first adventure, or your wanting support to get more booking….

I’ve totally got your back in this private group.

Here’s where you get to tap into my  6+ years of experience of successfully running Adventure Girls aaaaaand access regular training, inspo and support.

I work closely with women in the outdoor and adventure industries who either wanna

  • Start their dream adventure based biz and don’t know where or how to start with all the information that’s floating round in your brain …. you know what I’m talking about right… information overload that’s leading to inaction from the overwhelm.  Trust me I have been there and done that many a time myself.
  • Or you’re already running you adventure biz and you can’t seem to get your adventures filled and profitable like you want them, and you’re stuck in the daily grind unable to really get the traction you need to be making the kinda money you want in the biz.  Imagine that… sell out adventure regularly, happy adventurers and money in your bank account… YAY!

Whether it’s starting your dream adventure biz, or helping you grow your current biz to get a bigger audience, improve engagement and get more bookings or helping you streamline your role and delegate the mundane tasks that keep you stuck.

I’m all about you, your biz and helping it grow and profit.

Let me tell you though, I’m no stranger to failure or set backs though. I’ve been married and divorced, struggled with my weight and self esteem, and built a property portfolio and then lost everything in the property market crash resulting in having to restart Adventure Girls all over from scratch.  From these lessons and a sh*t load more I have learned first-hand how to overcome anxiety, low self-esteem and that inner critic to get myself back into a place of being totally ok with who I am and rocking my biz.

Between Adventure Girls and Your Ultimate Sisterhood I’ve created a global reach of around 20k women who are interested in adventures in one way or another.  I’ve run well over 250 adventures for women including both national and international.

And now, most of my adventures sell out months before we run them, and make great profit because we’ve built up a strong following and we know how to keep em’ coming back for more.

We stay intouch weekly via email to our list of over 8k of women.

I now use those lessons, strategies, tips and know how, woven together with my skills as an NLP Master Practioner to work with women like you who are ready for a change…. ready to ditch the boring 9-5 J.O.B and build a biz that really makes a difference to your life and those in it.


This space is just for you girl!  Consider it your go to place for all you need to start, grow and crush it in your biz.

It’s been designed with you in mind.  A space for you to show up as you… whether you feel like you have it together or not.  Spoiler alert,  none of us have it together all of the time #justasying, so its a space for dropping your BS and showing up as you.

We kick start you off with access to a bunch of biz boosting resources valued at $247.. you can check them out below.

You choose how much you want to show up in the group, but the minimum is a weekly check in to keep you on track for where you’re going.

Why a minimum of once a week, well let me tell it to you straight girl….

Consistency (along with cashflow) is king in your biz.  If you can’t show up once a week for your biz, then I’m here to tell ya you wont get the growth you want, plain an simple.

Now, we’re not gonna make you do anything you don’t wanna do, but I will invite you to challenge yourself so you can expand yourself and your biz.

That’s part of why you’re here right… one part connecting in, one part learning and growing, and one part butt kicking (with love of course!!)

So here’s what’s in The Sisterhood for ya girl…

“I had no experience running a business before I met Senka and reached out to her for advice on how to start a business that runs wilderness retreats for women.

In the space of 3 months I created my brand, learned how to utilise MeetUp and Facebook marketing and have run 4 successful workshops, 3 of which have sold out.”

Hanna Luypers  |  Raw Henergy



  • Daily, weekly, and monthly accountability to help you create consistent growth & cashflow

Join Senka on the daily accountability post to share your sales actions and growth actions.  Consistent daily action (even if it’s not perfect) will get you to you the momentum you need to crush it out there.

Or, if you can’t make it daily check in on a Monday with your weekly intentions and money or booking goals.  Get clarity on what you need to roll out over the week to help you hit your targets and get growth in your biz.

  • Weekly Live Training and Q&As to build your skills and mindset so you can move through any blocks holding you back

Every week  jump on a LIVE Training and Q&A session (don’t worry we record it if you can’t make it) to get all those tricky biz questions that a holding you back answered.  Perfect for freeing you up if your stuck on ‘how to’, ‘what next’, ‘what if’, ‘can I’ or even ‘what do you think about this’.

  • Regular business growth tips to tweak and boost your business and keep you on track

With digestible training snippets on all things biz from mindset to meetUp, these candid vids will keep you inspired and in the know with biz boosting concepts and juicy insider tips.


  • Daily Action Planner
  • Daily Journaling for Manifestation Worksheet
  • Monthly Action Planner
  • Annual Money In Tracker
  • 45min ‘Hash It Out’ Biz Strategy Session
  • 5 Steps To Starting Your Adventure Biz Checklist

COST: 97NZD per month


Then let’s jump on a quick call for a Biz Pow Wow.  Grab a time here »

Come join the party adventure babe in biz, and let’s rock this out!

“When I started working with Senka I was very fresh to the world of starting my own business and getting overwhelmed with knowing where to start.

After coaching with her I was much more determined to make the business work and more comfortable to launch new things without them always 100% ready to go as sometimes you never get to 100%.”

Nadia Coombe  |  Riding Flow

“When I started working with Senka I was lacking confidence and not knowing where to start! How do you get from A to B? How much will I have to lay out to start off with? When should I build a website – turns out you can start without one!

I have now run two successful adventures, and I’m booking places on my third, all less than 6 months after starting working with Senka and planning 2017 adventures.”

Emma Patten  |  Brave