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[VIDEO] The 3 Key Numbers you need to know to ensure your adventure biz is profitable!

By April 28, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

So you have no freaking idea what to charge for your adventures… or you’re wondering if you’re charging enough, are you adventures breaking even, how many do you need to run a year, what the hell is GP and what are you meant to do with it….

Hold up sista, I’ve got you.

In this weeks vid I’m gonna share the three key numbers you need to focus on your biz so you know how it’s tracking to be a biz not an expensive hobbie.

And to help ya out even more, I’m gonna give to you… yes….

give to you two… yes… two FREE… yes free… adventure profit calculators to make you life a shit tonne easier.

You’ll be able to work out the profit from each adventure, and then use those number to reverse engineer how many adventure you need to run to make the money you want…

Here ya go


You’re welcome.

Here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t.


Cash flow, profit & loss, expenditure. Not the sexiest of things to talk of. Tell you what is sexy though is Money Leftover. Whether you’re running a profitable business or just running a hobby.

I’m going to share my 3 key numbers to turn your hobby to a profitable biz. I’m Senka, creator of AdventureGirlsInBiz, running adventures for 12 years. I’ve been teaching women to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz.

The one thing I know for sure is how to do numbers in my biz – money in and going out and how it’s interpreted to running a profitable business.

The 3 key numbers I focus are these:

#1 Your gross profit percentage

Your gross profit is money in minus money out and your money leftover. The gross profit percentage is money leftover divided by money in. You can use this number to reverse engineer what you need to create in terms of sales & bookings for the year coming again. Knowing your gross profit percentage allows you to make tiniest of changes in money going out to help you increase sales. 1% or 2% can make a difference. It will make you rethink about giving discounts to people asking for them.

#2 Operating Expenses

This is the money that you spend to run your business. This can easily get away on you. It’s easy to sign up monthly subscriptions. Just $40 a month suddenly ends to $200-300 that you may not need to spend. Make sure you’re checking your expenses every quarter, so you can see these extra expenses that’s gonna help you make a profitable business.

#3 Sales Target

This is how many adventures you need to get, how many people you need in your adventures & all the stuff related to that. Those are the 3 key things. I focus on to make sure it’s running at a profitable level. Tracking these numbers allows you to make changes to your business. I’ve created an adventure profit calculator and a sales adventure calculator which you can get with the link in this vid. You can work out what your gross profit percentage and your sales to make your business profitable. Here’s to getting more women doing cool sh*t!