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The 3 Best Things I Ever Got Told Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant

By February 16, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

Biz Hacks - 3 Best Things I got told before hiring a VA

It took me freaking ages to wrap my head around the fact that I could for less that the price of soy decaf, caramel, triple shot frappa latte per hour, I could hire an assistant to help grow my biz.

Yip, you read right. For under $5NZD per hour you can have a virtual assistant that takes care of… well almost anything biz wise.

Now before you too get weirded out by paying someone that much an hour, it’s all comparable. Like the average weekly net monthly income for a teacher in the Philippines is $240NZ… yip, $240NZD PER MONTH!!

So when you’re paying someone double or triple the rate they can earn there…. its fair to say I feel STOKED to be helping a family out in a massive way.

But before you go jumping online to get one for ya self, here’s a few do’s and don’t about hiring your epic virtual assistant.


Sounds kinda weird, but you wanna be ready to hire someone and have them on you team in a number of ways. You wanna have the work for them to do, and you have to be ready to commit to training them up.

Training them takes time, but on the flip side will leverage you out of some day to day task that someone can do, and free you up for more important money making tasks in your biz like sales, marketing and running what ever your running adventures, workshops, coaching etc…
You wanna have an idea of what repeatable tasks you can hand over to them, fb posts, welcome emails, website listings, email replies, bookkeeping, graphic design… all these things that take your time but arent maximising your real true genius!

There are sooooo many things in your biz that you are doing cause you think you have to, but the reality is that you can hand them over…. its just your ego that might have some trouble letting go or the need to ‘be busy’.

I learned pretty quickly when I hired my VA just how much repeatable tasks I was doing, and how much time that was taking up from me really focusing on 1) The things I love to do 2) My real money making actions.

#2 SOPs

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure. This advise was given to me by my mentor 3 years ago and has future proofed my biz and VA role ten fold.

Create one, and only one SOP for your VA…. How to Create a SOP.

Seriously this was the best biz hack EVER! Never again have I had to write out how to do something.

When you get your VA onboard, what ever tasks you are getting them to do, get them to create a SOP. A document on ‘how to’ do whatever task it is that they are doing.

Not only does this free your time up, but if you VA ever left you have all the training docs at hand for them to follow.
You’re welcome!


You don’t have to go all out and hire someone full time… you can start with as little as 2 hours a week and as you grow and their experience does you can bring them on more an more.

This is a great opportunity to see if they can really do all the stuff they say they can too.

When I lost my first VA who was A M A Z I N G, my second VA looked great on paper and even when I spoke to her ticked all the right boxes, but when it came to doing the work I was having to hold her hand waaaaaay too much.

Luckily I had said… start with 5 hrs a week and a one month trail…. totally saved my bacon. Its fair to say she didnt get a second month.

In fact as soon as I knew she wasn’t going to cut the mustard I was onto looking for a new one to start up immediately.

And the new VA is still the VA I have today (as well as a part-time graphic designer).


If you’re ready to start exploring looking at Virtual Assistants, then check out the site that I use to find all mine

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