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Sun Tans and Sell Out Adventures

By February 16, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many people ask me how I am so tanned, AND, you won’t believe what it has to do with sell out adventures (well lets hope ya do believe me actually as it’s pretty on the mark)

So, let’s start with my tan… why? Trust me it’ll make sense in a mo.

How do I get it.. well I like to think its not rocket science.

I get out once a day in the sun if I can for 30 mins at least…. yip, thats it.

I know, I know… if you were looking for some miracle pill, spray or lotion, think again.

just 30mins a day in the sun… this way, I never burn by being out for super long and then waiting 5 – 6 days to go back out and burn again.

Now you might be saying to yourself (or out loud… weird, but totally ok) “I see where you’re going with this Senka”
I’m picking up what you’re putting down on how this might relate to sell out events?

If you’re not, let me spell it out for you.

Selling out of adventures is about being consistent (like tanning vs burning).

You have to consistently show up and let people know how they can work with you, and make it easy for them to join ya, you gotta consistently give value, sometimes free, sometimes paid, ask for the sale.. yip A S K, build real relationships and multiple ways to stay front and centre in their mind and why they just gotta come join ya.


If you’re just getting out there willy nilly (ummmm… yes I said willy nilly), showing up some weeks, and not showing up other weeks you’re going to struggle to consistently sell out or fill your adventures and events.

When you need to get bums on seats you’re going to burn out your lists and bombard them with buy, buy, buy.

And let’s face it, if you know that feels when you’re on the receiving end of that.

So, think of selling your adventures and events like building up your tan…

consistency is the key.

If you’re one of those outdoorsy, active type women in biz who is looking to create consistent cashflow or you are wanting to FINALLY start that biz you have been longing to, then you and me let’s talk about how you can.

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