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STOP Wasting Valuable TIME in Your BIZ

By January 11, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


How much time are you wasting in your business just being busy?!?! Does it always feel like there’s soooo much to do.. emails, customer inquiries, logo design, writing your content….argh!!!

Here’s one big reason I love traveling and how it helps me be a shit tonne more productive in my business.

So this is me this mornin making full use of having the entire exit row to myself to get a little work done so I can have more chill time when I get to Te Anau this arvo.

And Im about to board a bus to in 15mins.

So this has given me ‘limited’ time in which to get the MOST IMPORTANT ACTIONS in my business done.

I freaking get how busy it can be starting and running a business, and what Im sharing ain’t no super magic new wondrous strategy… people have been preaching this for years.

Before you even open your emails or facebook, get clear on what you 3 most imortant actions for the day are that will MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD and get them done before you get distracted with the day to day stuff!

When Im on ‘limited time’ while traveling it always reminds me how epic with strategy is and how we can move our businesses forward so much more qucikly by tackling those MOST IMPRTANT ACTIONS first.

So if you’re wanting to start a biz in any space around adventure, travel, the outdoors and exploring, and you keep getting stuck on the stuff thats holding you back.

Then its time to get clear on your MOST IMPORTANT ACTIONS so you can get cracking into a biz you love (oh and you dont need to quit your day job… well not yet!

Check how we can work together to get ya on track

If ya wanna start the journey of turning your passion into a profitable pumping biz, then let’s do this.

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