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Stop Under Valuing What You Provide

How can I make money on what people can organise themselves for cheaper?

OMG… You wouldn’t believe the number of times I hear this from women wanting to launch their adventure biz… seriously!

Girl you gotta stop under valuing what you provide for peps.

Like, legit, you gotta stop that!

You’re selling yourself short and you’re not owning what you’re creating for all those other amazing women out there.

Here’s a four truth bombs to set ya straight on this

#1 If people could do it themselves they would be, but they aren’t.

Simple as that. They wanna do it, but like every other person it seems out there, they are too busy, or they don’t know where to start. So you’re providing a service of organising it all for them.

#2 You’re providing the SERVICE OF SIMPILCITY

This is where the value of what you do it. This is why you charge what you do. You’re spending time, money and energy on creating, collating and running an experience, all to provide the SERVICE OF SIMPILCITY. There is a value on that. A dollar value to be exact.

#3 If they are into organising it themselves then they are not your client

At the end of the day what you provide is not for everyone. If someone is into doing that for themselves, then awesome for them! The fact of the matter is, if you are trying to be everything for everyone, you’ll waste valuable energy trying to convince those that aren’t for you that they need you. When you’re far better off focusing on those peps that a good fit for you.

#4 Look beyond this limiting belief to see what is the real fear behind

Yeah, we’re gonna go there sista.

So much of launching and running a biz is around mindset as much as it is strategy. And the hidden fears behind the limiting beliefs we keep telling ourselves have a bigger impact than what we realise.

We mask a deeper fear with a limiting belief, and present that to the world because it feels less vulnerable.

Ask yourself, what is the deeper fear… fear or rejection if you launch, fear of failing if no one books your adventures, fear of getting it wrong, fear of things not being perfect, fear of judgement…. what’s the real hidden fear?

It’s time to start valuing the service you provide girl, and begin to make money in your biz.

If you’re wanting to kick start running adventures as another revenue stream for your current biz or along side your not as much fun day job, or…

You’re already trying to run adventures and they just aren’t getting the numbers you want,

Then you and I, let’s talk.

Hear from you soon.

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