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Reality Check – Don’t Quit Ya Day Job


I’m all for taking big mofo leaps of faith into the unknown, but there is a time and a place and if you’re stepping into the adventure of starting your own business having never done anything like that before…

I’m gonna say don’t quit ya day job… well not just yet anyway.

Now this might be going against the grain when it comes to what all the big wigs out there are sayin. BUT, Im all about keeping the entrepreneurial world real.

Quitting your day job isnt for everyone, it can create way too much overwhelm, complete freak out and actually stall you from getting anywhere in your business.

I’m all for keeping the cash flowing in from you current work to help build a solid foundation, and plan to exit your work.

There’s heaps of time save tricks and tips to help you do this… like hiring a virtual assistants for $4NZD an hour from overseas (FYI If you read that and think thats grossly underpaying someone, think again.e average wage over there is $50 per week, so I love that I get to pay them waaaaay more and that helps support their families)

So here’s my gig…and how I built Adventure Girls over the last 3 years to be producing enough income for me to live off.

Year 1 – Working full time, set up the business and run my first round of adventures + building my audince and list

Year 2 – Working part-time doing contracts I love and growing the number of adventures + building my audince and list so I can run more adventures

Year 3 – Full time income from adventures and coaching women how to step into businesses in the outdoors
Thats it.

Simple as that.

Now you can fast track this IF you have the money behind you.

If you are gonna quit ya day job, make sure you are super clear on how you are gonna generate your cashflow and you need to have some money to bank roll you for at least 3 months while you get started.

Thats the reality of it sista!

Starting up a business is all about the long game girl!

And I wanna add in there, that YES, you are gonna have to take a leap at various stages of your business growing. Like stepping out of full time work when the business is on s cusp of generating the income you need….

I say cusp because theres that point the business gets to that you will have to burn the bridge and trust you have done and are doing what you need in the business to generate the money flowing in.

It’s scary, but fucking rad at the same time.

So if you’re ready to finally START that business you have always wanted to in the space of adventure, travel, the outdoors or exploring, then let’s talk!

Let’s see how you can start to step into your passion now and build something for the long term!

Lets do this

If ya wanna start the journey of turning your passion into a profitable pumping biz, then let’s do this.

Turn Your Passion for the Outdoors, Adventure, Travel, Exploring and FUN into a Profitable Pumping Biz!