Bad Ass Biz Babe Planning Session

Rock into 2019 with total clarity and the confidence to smash out your most epic year in biz

You DO NOT Need Another Motivational Quote Sista

If I could find an emoji that did ‘z snaps’ right now I would have added them in!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for motivation and inspiration but….

When you’re not getting the results you want in your biz

And you keep jumping from one thing to the next hoping it’s your ‘golden ticket’

You’re setting yourself up for one thing…

burn out (ok it’s two word, but technically one thing)

Either way it ain’t fun!

Been there
Done that
Crewed at the concert
Got my t-shirt signed

I can tell ya, foooo shooo… there’s a better way.

One that has you feeling like your stoked to kick you week off verses cringing at a ridiculous to do list that never actually gets done.

One that has you finally sit down and hash out all those ideas that are in your head and map then out into a simple road map to simply your life

You need clarity in the direction you’re taking your biz, and the knowing that the steps you’re taking are the right ones.

It’s time to book a planning session so you can smash out 2019 like a boss!

Let’s you and I spend a few hours together brain dumping those ideas and put this into 8 key focuses for the year….


For some crazy reason we like to overload our to do list and then never complete it

And then, worse still beat ourselves up for not doing it all…


Come on sista!

With only 8 key focuses for the year you’ll be ready to smash out 2019 like a boss, and

Feel like you’re finally winning at this game called business.

I’ve got a few days available over the next few weeks leading up to the end of the year,

So, lets do this sista!

Let’s spend a few hours together and get you on track with clarity and confidence for 2019.

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Let’s Do This Sista!


Creator of Adventure Girls, and Adventure Girls In Biz

It’s fair to say I know a thing or two about womens adventure with having been running Adventure Girls for well over six years now.

I’ve now grown my weekend side hustle to full time biz over that time and I can deffo tell ya I’ve learnt a thing or two about what doesn’t work and what does. And I’m pumped to share all that knowledge with you in this program.

I’ve run well over 200 adventures throughout New Zealand, and Bali more recently.  In that time I’ve meet face to face over 600 inspiring women and across my entire social media and email reach we inspire well over 13k women on a daily basis.

These days our adventures some of our adventures are selling out months before hand… hell yeah!

Whether we’re connecting them on adventures or in our communities, getting women outdoors to do more cool shit is what I’m all about.


“I love being part of the sisterhood as it a really supportive group where I can learn from others as they grow their business and also see the ladies who are way ahead of me with their businesses and know it will be possible for me to get there too.”

Samantha Cook | Oodles Of Freedom

Senka has helped me get organised, advises on best ways to implement ideas and get stuff done. Having someone to be accountable to really helps me especially an expert that knows this sector inside out.”

Zoe Scott-King | The Adventure Project

I had no experience running a business before I met Senka and reached out to her for advice on how to start a business that runs wilderness retreats for women. In the space of 3 months I created my brand, learned how to utilis MeetUp and Facebook marketing and have run 4 successful workshops, 3 of which have sold out.

Hanna Luypers | Raw Henergy


We meet virtually online via zoom conferencing. Your session will last either 2 or 3 hours and ise packed with useful, tailored information that is right just for you and your biz.

After our session I will send you video training, templates and other tools you need to take action!

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Let’s Do This Sista!



“When I started working with Senka I was lacking confidence and not knowing where to start! How do you get from A to B? How much will I have to lay out to start off with? When should I build a website – turns out you can start without one!

I have now run two successful adventures, and I’m booking places on my third, all less than 6 months after starting working with Senka and planning 2017 adventures.”

Emma Patten   |  Brave


Then you and me let’s jump on a quick 20 min Biz Pow Wow and see what it  is you want to create.

On the call we’ll we’ll talk about

  • What you want to create
  • Where you are at right now
  • If doing a planning session is the right fit for you

Grab a time that suits you here.

I’m super pumped that your still here and reading this, and even more stoked that you’re up for kicking ass on  something freaking rad in a space that you are totally passionate about… whether it’s stand up paddling, running, travel, surfing, trips away or what ever you outdoor addiction is.

We only get only get one shot at this adventure called life, so let’s make it one hell of a ride!

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And Let’s Do This Sista!


“Senka was my saviour in biz. I chose to work with Senka primarily because I knew that she knew her stuff. I had experienced first-hand how successful her adventure business was!

Her knowledge of the adventure industry is outstanding and once you are part of The Sisterhood, you will feel inspired and empowered on your adventure business journey!.”

Jessica Sue | Ordinary Jess