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Pass Me The Blow Torch

By February 12, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Pass Me The Blow Torch… The other day I was out with Hank the Tank (ummm… thats my 4WD, and yes, thats his name) and we were having some fun boosting up the estuary on Muriwai Beach.

Little did I know in all that fun I’d popped one of his indicator lights out… wawaaaaa.

So the next day Im like dad, can we have a look at this so I can do get a new one.

Half way through our ‘discussion’ my bro turns up home and is like, oh, you can have my old ones you just need to rewire them up to Hank.

Cue the blank look on my face… righto, and how do we do that.
Nex minnit, he’s showing me how to clip the wires, solder them together, and then apply heat shrink (or something like that) with a blow torch… WITH A BLOW TORCH.

An hour and a half later with all the right tools I’ve wired in two new front indicators, and switched out my nudge bar and I know a shit tonne more about how things work in Hank the Tank.

If I’d tried to do this by looking shit up on the internet it would have taken me all day… like all day, and I probably would have just brought a new one.

But here’s the thing, all it takes is for someone who knows what they are doing to help fast track your learning so you can get on with things and you have that skill forever.

Just like in biz, whether you’re starting from scratch and you’re too afraid to start cause you’re not clear on what your first step is or even how your biz will look.

or if you’ve got this started, but your just going round in circles stuck in a pattern of doing the same things and not getting any more bookings and driving yourself nuts.

Sometime you just need that person to go… oh hey, heres how you can get to where you wanna go, and they can hold your hand along the way so you can get there faster.

So if you’re thinking of starting an adventure biz and you’ve never done anything like that before,

or you’re already doing stuff, but you’re not getting the traction you want

and you’re over feeling the way you do

let me help you fast track your start up and your growth by tapping into every tool, tip, trick, strategy and hack I’ve used to start Adventure Girls (twice) and used to help my clients kick start their adventure biz.

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