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[VIDEO] How To Make It Easier For Potential Customers To Book Your Adventures

By February 12, 2018Uncategorized

It doesn’t take long to wonder off an overgrown path with no markers, and let’s face it, unless your customers have the navigation skills of a mountaineering pro, they can find themselves going round in circles only to leave the path on the way to purchasing your product all together.

Imagine if that path was the path to your product and those people walking that path are you potential customers….

Unless you are putting up clear trail markers to point them in the direction you want them to go, then you may as well kiss goodbye to that potential customer, and the money you spent in getting them.

Check out my super epic drawing skills (go on, you know you want to) in this weeks vid blog on creating better trail markers for your customers path to purchase.

Don’t have a clear path for your customers to follow… YIKES!

I get it, it sucks knowing you’re loosing warm leads and wasting money.

Whether you’re toying with the idea of starting something and you just don’t even know what it the right thing to do first, or you have set some stuff up but you keep going round in circles not really getting anywhere but exhausted.

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