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[VIDEO] Let’s be honest here

By April 20, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Not selling out of adventure? Here’s probably why and five of my fav ways to sell more spots… you’re welcome!

So you have an adventure that’s coming up soon

You haven’t quite got the numbers your need or want

So you post it on good ol’ FB,

you hit the boost button and…..

crickets… nothing… nada


not quite the result you were looking for right.

So then you start questioning your adventure

Is the price right

Is there enough people out there that wanna do this

Then…. yikes…. you start to question yourself

Can I do this


Here’s why I think you’re probably not be selling out of your adventures,

PLUS five of my fav ways to sell more spots… you’re welcome!

Senka x

Let’s talk

Here’s to getting more ladies out doing more cool sh*t. I can’t wait to catch up with you on our next video.


So you put your adventure up on facebook. You hit the boost button expecting the bookings to come pouring in and then crickets. nothing. Why the hell are your adventures not selling out? In this video I’m gonna share with you why they’re not selling out and five of my favorite ways to help boost sales.

Hi I’m Senka, creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been running adventures and for the last three years, I have been helping women turn their outdoor obsession into a pumping biz.

So when it comes to selling adventures I know, I thing or two about that. So I’ve got here in front of me five of my favorite ways to have to boost the sales. But let me ask you this. What is that you doing to actually help increase the sales for your adventures? Are you just having that boost button on Facebook is that all that you doing so. What I wanna know is how often I actually sharing your adventures out there? It’s all very well and good to just hit the boost button or to put it onto MeetUp and then just sit back and wait for it to come, all the bookings to coming to you, which would be a freaking ideal world and to be honest, it’d just put me out of business if that was the case.

But it’s not quite as simple as that when it comes to selling your adventures. You actually need to be exceptionally consistent in the way that you show up in your business. Here’s the thing not everybody is on the Facebook or MeetUp at the time that you’re sharing your content so you have to be exceptionally repetitive of in terms of getting your message out there and getting your adventures out there to share it with everyone that’s there.

So not everyone’s gonna be on at 2 PM when you send your Facebook post and you boost it and you wonder why the hell no one is clicking on it!

Sorry my friend… girl friend. You are gonna have to show up way more regularly and way more consistently and share your content far more often than you think you do.

So, here’s my five favorite ways that you can actually boost your sales and of course get more bookings and share you message with a much bigger audience than just hitting thatt button on Facebook.

So #1 I’ve got them all written down here. So, #1 is alright cool number one is at a call to action at the end of all of your posts. So if you aren’t making it easy for people to go, that looks really rad I’m gonna go do that and you haven’t got a way for them to find out how easy it is to get and get the information then you’re losing opportunity.

Not everyone wants to go and google search up you’re Facebook Page or your website or anything like that. So put a call to action, so what you want to do after they read that post, put that end of every post that you doing out there on Facebook so that will definitely make everybody else’s experience way easier to get on to your adventures and find them at.

So #2 is get interviewed as a guest on a someone else’s podcast or on their blog and, here’s the tip with this one. Make sure that it’s relevant to your audience. This is a great one to many method. You get to talk to one person, do one action but it reaches a really super large audience. I love this method with being an extrovert. I love to be interviewed, because I love to share my adventures.

To know that I can get more woman out doing more cool shit, whether it’s doing fun adventures or with business coaching. So it’s a really great one too many method.

Alright #3 is send a private message to people that are liking your posts. Now this may seem like a really interesting one, but I have to tell you you it’s been exceptionally successful. Here is the thing with this. You don’t wanna be just spamming people, taking a cookie cutter comment and just reposting, resharing that every time, or resharing or reposting that into the private message.

This is a chance to actually engage with people and here is the thing. Keep it short, punchy, straight to the point and super engaging. So “hey I saw you loved our post about x,y,z. Did you keen to come have some fun with us”. Any way that you can start a conversation with these people. Anyway, that was number three.

#4 is create a Freebee and then share that out to the world and created a mail sequence that builds a relationship. So this is were you can create a download that’s relevant for what it is that you do in your business. So whether you are a hiking business… you can create five favorite places to go. Whether your a surf business…. here is my top three tips on how to get up and do this in the water, or water safety safety. Whatever it is make sure it’s relevant to your audience and create a freebie, a let people put in their email address to get it.

And then create an email sequence that actually builds a relationship and trys to start a conversation with people.

Alright… lucky #5 is actually create a live video, (laughing) create a live video and on Facebook and then use the retargeting and Facebook ads to send some additional freebees to people that have watch that. It’s a great way to engage again with a brand new audience and to share your message out there and your adventures, so that people can come along. Because he is the thing if you not telling people about it and youre not sharing it and you’re, not getting it to wide audience, then people aren’t gonna know bout you.

If they don’t know about you, they can’t come have fun on your adventures. Pretty simple right, so if you are a woman with an outdoor obsession and you wanna turn that into a pumping biz or you already have started to turn your outdoor obsession into a biz and you wanna grow that… then you and I lets chat you can even hit the send message button that’s with this video or you can click the link and, let’s you and I get on a 30 minute pow wow, see where you’re at,see where you wanna go and of course, how can help you get there. So here’s to getting more, ladies out, doing more cool shit!

I can’t wait to catch up with you in our next video. Bye for now!