Don’t just take my word for it, check out what clients are sayin’

Lisa Murphy  |  Big Heart Adventures

I needed a mentor in my industry that wasn’t going to see me as competition.  When I started working with Senka I was needing help making a big decision about moving forward as an independent entity.

Working with Senka helped  me make the decision and see in my head where I wanted to be in 5 years time.  I am now a fully independent travel agent with an independent adventure travel agency!

What I love the most from being a part of The Sisterhood is sharing the day to day and week to week stuff that the Sisterhood girls understand.  Its a safe place to grow.

If you’re thinking of joining The Sisterhood or working with Senka JFDI (just freaking do it).  You will be in capable hands with her and the supportive Sisterhood with gals who just keep you pumped for what you do.

Nadia Coombe  |  Riding Flow

I chose to work with Senka as I needed help to create a structure to get the business in the direction I wanted it to go. Senka is a friend who didn’t lack that structure in her own business so when her adverts for coaching came out it made sense to join her.

When I started working with her I was very fresh to the world of starting my own business and getting overwhelmed with knowing where to start.  After coaching with her I was much more determined to make the business work and more comfortable to launch new things without them always 100% ready to go as sometimes you never get to 100%.

I am now still learning and working through different angles to make the business work but now I have the structure to work through to get there and I’m not scared to take the steps I need to make it successful.

My biggest take away, break through from being a part of The Sisterhood is that I’m not alone and that step you’re scared to take is probably scaring someone else too. If you find those like minds and someone like Senka that can help you work through it you feel much stronger for it.

If your thinking of joining The Sisterhood talk with Senka, find out what she has to offer and if it works for you join a great sisterhood of girls all stepping outside of their safe places together.

Hanna Luypers |  Raw Henergy 

My name is Hanna Luypers and I am the creator of Raw Henergy, an adventure business that specialises in bushcraft workshops for women.

I had no experience running a business before I met Senka and reached out to her for advice on how to start a business that runs wilderness retreats for women.

After a few weeks in the Sisterhoood I came to the realisation that I had to kick start my journey by building on one area that I was passionate about. I chose to begin by developing traditional bows and arrows workshops for women and the response I am receiving right now is phenomenal.

I know a lot of that response is a result of the coaching I have received in the Sisterhood. In the space of 3 months I created my brand, learned how to utilise MeetUp and Facebook marketing and have run 4 successful workshops, 3 of which have sold out.

I choose to continue working with Senka because she is genuine, reliable, extremely on to it and upfront about the realities of starting and growing a business.  These are strong qualities that make my experience as one of her clients in the Sisterhood definitely worthwhile.

If you’re thinking of joining The Sisterhood, I highly recommend it because the group environment is supportive and has helped me personally to gain momentum and create shifts in my life that have helped me become more confident in running my own business.

There is there an option to have accountability for your daily actions, as well as providing a secure place to reflect and share your experiences, growth and learning as you expand.

Laura Douglas |  Real Country

Today my mindset is on point. Last week it was not. What changed? Going to the Travel Showcase in Wanaka on Friday and being surrounded and inspired by some bloody amazeballs peeps.

Specifically thank you Senka Radonich, who spoke there, for helping me focus on making a daily plan for killing it, creating a social media strategy and kicking me up the ass to launch “How to Like a Southern Girl”

Emma Patten |  Brave 


Hey, I’m Emma.  I now run a business called Brave – Adventures For he Independent Woman.  When I started working with Senka I was lacking confidence and not knowing where to start! How do you get from A to B? How much will I have to lay out to start off with? When should I build a website – turns out you can start without one!

I have now run two successful adventures, and I’m booking places on my third, all less than 6 months after starting working with Senka and planning 2017 adventures.

Jessica Sue | Ordinary Jess

Senka was my saviour in biz. I chose to work with Senka primarily because I knew that she knew her stuff. I had experienced first-hand how successful her adventure business was!

If you’re thinking of working with Senka, it will not take you long to realise you’ve made the right choice!

Her knowledge of the adventure industry is outstanding and once you are part of The Sisterhood, you will feel inspired and empowered on your adventure business journey!.

Rachel Gillespie | NZ Travel Magazine

I love working with Senka because of her extensive knowledge on systems, understanding people and how to bring out the best in them, and she gave me the confidence in how to delegate and outsource tasks that I know I should not be doing.

When I started working with her I was frustrated with the level of my workload, and doing way to may contra deals or work for hope of business instead of getting paid upfront. Now I am much clearer on what I was good at and how my vision could be chunked down into achievable goals.

Ness Hinneberg | Skadi Adventures

Senka has opened my eyes to a world of business-oriented thought I didn’t even know existed. She knows all the questions one could possibly have when it comes to business establishment and development, because she’s been there herself.

I didn’t even know I had half of these questions myself, but in both private and group discussions with Senka and the other incredible sisters in the network, new prompts, ideas, questions, considerations and actions have been brought to life and taken my planning and organisation to a level I never imagined.

Samantha Cook | Oodles Of Freedom

I love being part of the sisterhood as it a really supportive group where I can learn from others as they grow their business and also see the ladies who are way ahead of me with their businesses and know it will be possible for me to get there too.

Zoe Scott-King | The Adenture Project

When I started working with her I didn’t have a plan, structure, clear vision of what I wanted The Adventure Project to be so Senka helped me get clarity and get rid of some of the confusion I was causing myself.

Senka has helped me get organised, advises on best ways to implement ideas and get stuff done. Having someone to be accountable to really helps me especially an expert that knows this sector inside out.

Monique Bortoili | Elemental Adventures

When I started in the sisterood I was a little lost as to where to begin, where to go and how to get there. After coaching with Senka I was able to sit down and put my ideas, goals into perspective. We have now launched our new line, and website and sales are beginning to generate and our name is getting out there

Nora Baldwin | Chicks Who Golf

I feel so humbled to have meet you and learnt from your wisdom and to know you. My business wouldn’t be this quick without the knowledge I’ve gained from you.