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It’s time to be a shark in your biz

By April 3, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

They say being a shark in biz is a bad thing, but I beg to differ.

In this case being a shark is the best thing for your biz.

I was out for a run down in Kinloch.

As I was heading down a long 1km straight stretch of flat road (is it just me or does everyone else hate running those bits too… it’s like they never end right!

Any way…

As I was heading down a long 1km straight stretch of flat road, I could see in the distance a row of letterboxes.

Not just one or two

A row massive row of 20ish red, black or yellow plastic rural style letterboxes.

They were all neatly lined up on the side of the road all matchy matchy, all exactly the same except for their color except for the one at the very end.

As I got closer to the row I had to stop and take a photo.

Picture this is you can…

A letterbox wrapped in small pieces of drift wood made to look like a shark

A freaking SHARK!!!

Probably the raddest thing I’ve seen.


Cause I instantly wanted to know who that person was and when we could hang out.

I mean if they have a letterbox that looks like a shark they have got to be some pretty cool peeps.

If you saw it at the end of the row of all those boring as letterboxes you’d either love it or not.

There is no point in trying to be like everyone else in your biz.

Oh hell no sista

It’s time to be a shark in your biz

Drop the boring, ‘be like everyone, so everyone likes me’ and embrace your inner shark.

There is no point in hiding your weird, crazy or quirky as thats the very reason you ideal clients will love you,

And those that don’t, well they were never meant to be your clients.

Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Don’t be afraid to be a little weird

Don’t be afraid to be who you are

Don’t be afraid to be your version of a shark in your biz.

If you need help embracing your inner shark and standing out in your adventure biz

Then you and I

Lets talk.

Let’s have a 30 min biz pow wow to see where you’re at right now, no fluff, no bull shit

And then, lets see what you really want to create.

Just use the link to book a time that works for you and let’s see how I can help.


Hear from you soon.

Hear from you soon.

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