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If I hadn’t tried it on I never would have known

By December 16, 2016Adventure Girls Blog


Have you ever wished you could… and didn’t.

Ponder on that for a moment while I share a little aha moment that struck me the other day while I was out shopping.

I was on a mission to get some new hiking boots (after the walking the Routeburn in sneakers I figured I better get some more suitable footwear for the Tongariro Crossing)… any who I digress.

I spotted the top in the photo and was like ohlala… me likey. But I was on a shoe mission.

Its fair to say I must have eyed this top up at least a dozen times and was resisting the shit out of it.

Long story short… shoes purphased, and as Im walking out the door (still with the top on my mind), I think fuck it… Im gonna try it on.

The colour.. soooo on brand, it’s merino so know its perfect for all my adventures.

And then I tried it on… ummmm… NO WAY… terrible fit. Back on the rack it went.

Here’s the thing that stuck me… I would have walked out of the shop and thought about that top, thinking that I’d missed out on not buying.

But if I hadnt tried it on I would never have known.

You see we can so often not try something for what ever reason (someone’s else said it wouldnt work, you’ve got an old belief that says you don’t deserve it, you ‘don’t know’ how)…

But how do you really know unless you try it for yourself.

Sometimes its a shit fit (like that top) and other times its the perfect fit for you.

So if you have ever walked away from something not trying it, but really wanting it *COUGH* Like starting that business based around your passion for the outdoors, adventure, travel or exploring *COUGH*…..

How will you ever really know if it’ll be a success if you dont just try it out.

i’m looking for 3 new bad ass business babes that wanna launch or grow their biz in the space of adventure, travel, outdoors and exploring (yeeeeeya!!)

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