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[VIDEO] I read a quote that nearly had me in tears

By April 6, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Today I read a quote that struck a cord in me, and almost had me in tears.

Find out what the quote that sparked this boverlog, and the one thing Im talking in here about that can be the difference between propelling towards a biz of doing what you are passionate about or keep you stuck standing on the beach watching things pass you by.

If you’re a woman with an outdoor obsession, and you wanna turn it into a pumping biz then let’s talk.

Helping women turn their outdoor obsessions into a pumping biz without the overwhelm, guess work and going at it alone.

Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t, so click the link below and grab a time that works for you.



So I read a quote today that was a reminder as to how much mindset is a pivotal part of growing your business, and why it is that you need to be really aware of your passion in order to grow your business.

So hey I’m Senka – creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and in this quick video I’m just gonna share with you this one quote that I read today by Bethany Hamilton. If you don’t know who she is, she is an epic surfing babe and she lost her arm in a shark attack at age 13 and she is still stuffing and if you haven’t seen her video, I would highly recommend going and seeing it.

So the quote that I wanna share with you today that was a reminder about being aware your passion and your business and how that is attached to your mindset and growth. Her quote was this:

“My passion for surfing was stronger than my fear of sharks.”

Here’s a woman that lost her arm doing the thing that she loved and in order to get back out there, she had to face her fear and go through a journey to do that in order to realize that her passion is the driving force behind her business.

So here’s the thing, in your business where are you focused? Are you focused on all the things that you are afraid of in your business? Are you afraid of things like not selling out of adventures? Are you afraid of having to cancel them? Are you afraid people won’t book? Are you afraid of what people are gonna say? Are you afraid people are gonna not wanna pay you what you wanna charge for your business and for your adventures?

I used that and that fear of not being perfect, not having it right, not having everything done. Are you stuck in that spice, focused on on the fear, focused on the shark? Or are you focused on your surfing, your passion, your business whether that’s surfing, mountain biking, gun shooting, dirt biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, whatever your outdoor obsession is, are you focused on how much joy and happiness that brings to you and the people that come along? Or are you focused on where your fears lie? So are you looking at the shark or looking at the surf board and the waves that are there that are the things that drive you.

It was a huge reminder this morning that where we put our attention and our business will directly result and we’re we take our business and the growth that it has. You can’t grow your business if you’re focused on your fear but not on how do I move through that fear so that I can have more of what I wanna create in my business.

So if you are a woman with an outdoor obsession and you are either running a business already so you’ve got some stuff going and it’s not quite we want it to be or you have an outdoor obsession and you don’t know how to turn that into a business. Then you and I, let’s talk.

That way you can see where you can shift your focus from fear into passion and let’s jump on a call. So you and I let’s have a 30-minute biz powow. This is a strategy session we’ll talk about what things are at right now for you. We wanna go and what’s in the way like what are the fears that you’re focusing on and that way we can look trying get you freed up and interactions that leave the cool feeling inspired and motivated to get out there and kick some ass.

So, here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t so click the link with this video and grab a time that works for you. Catch you later!