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Nope, Im done.. I don’t want to go any further.

I’d been riding up for what felt like foooooooreeeeeeever on the W2K track in Kinloch,

And had come to a clearing with a spectacular view over Lake Taupo, and got the token selfie to share on FB.

So I was kinda like, why do I need to carry on,

I don’t really feel like I wanna carry on,

I feel spent,

if there’s more uphill I don’t think I can handle it,

I’ve already reached the top (sort of)… more like I’ve got my token photo.

The mind is a powerful tool, it can get us to do or not do things

It can make anything mean anything… good, bad or whatever we decide.

We can use it to propel ourselves and our businesses forward or,

We can use it to set limits and rules, and conditions that hold us back.

So I carried on to the main look out.

The trail mellowed out, my legs felt great after the rest and

the view…. Mind officially blown!

If you’re feeling like your tired in your biz, and you can’t face another uphill

Then you and I let’s talk.

Grab your 30min free Biz Pow Wow and let’s see how I can help.

Hear from you soon,

Adventure Seeker. Biz Coach. Speaker.

Helping women like you, turn your outdoor obsession and adventure addiction into a super rad biz.