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[VIDEO] How to be a overnight success in your biz

By September 13, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

How to be a overnight success in your biz

Grab a note pad, and a pen, hit play and be ready to write this shit down.

Hit play and let’s get stuck in!

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


Hey hey Adventure Babes in Biz. It’s Senka. Look at this view. First of all, say Hi, Let me know where you’re tuning in from. Check this sh*t out. This is where I’m currently in. I am in Lake Ohau at the moment specifically I’m just kicking it near Lake Ohau quarters with my good friend Mel and behind me, you can just make out some cool sh*t. It’s Lake Ohau just there and then actually got Ben Ohau there as well. Let me know where you’re tuning in from and hearing this message and then we’re gonna get stuck into some juicy conversation, a quick conversation I’ve just gotten off a group call with a couple of my clients and I always feel really inspired to put this course together, because I’m just going off and we’ve had some really freaking juicy conversations. I can’t even show you the snow. The snow has melted normally. You see a little bit of snow, just at the peak there.

This is like a video on how to be an overnight success in your adventure biz. It’s kind of like a little trick anyway because someone said to me quite a few years ago. They said sometimes. It can take up to 10 years to be an overnight success in your business. So I was like there’s so much truth in it because I think sometimes with the marketing that we see out there, with the marketing that can be out there it’s all about like how to convert people immediately and turn your business into this overnight success and then three months, you can leave your job that you hate and you can step into the business that you love, like that, and I call bullsh*t on some of that because if you are, if you’ve never run a business before, if you’ve never taken your outdoor obsessions you’ve never turned into a business or you’ve dabbled in it and you haven’t really done anything, it takes time to build up that stuff.

Now, am I saying it’s gonna take years for you to build your business up? Everyone’s saying it’s gonna take you 10 years to build your business up and start making money. No, you can actually start. Anyway, it is unfortunately not an overnight process. It’s not like hey I’m gonna start a business and I’m gonna do a trail running business and here we go like three months later, all your adventures of selling out and There’s a process to understanding who your ideal client is, who your audience is, what stuff you actually want to be doing in your business, not just following what everyone else is doing, but actually trusting what it is that you wanna be doing in your business so it’s, like I get little bit pest off when I see people talking about the fact that it’s overnight success.

I’m talking to a couple of girlfriends that run this outdoor businesses and it’s just a constant reminder that it’s like we’re talking about like what was the process and how long did it take you to get to where you are in your business and with all the interviews that I’ve been doing with this women. It’s like when you talk to them, it is around that two to three year mark where they’re actually starting to see the real financial returns on their business. Am I saying that everybody that it’s gonna be three years? No. If you have got a bullet proof business plan, you have got the cash behind you and you got the capital to sit up.

You can definitely start your business way quicker. Absolutely! But for most of us women out here we are probably still working full time and it’s about setting up your business alongside that. So there comes this period where you need to actually have the time to be able to do that so we wanna set ourselves up for success and we’re doing it and it’s like to set the goal of like quitting your day job in three months time, so you can like be out doing standup paddle boarding every single day. It’s not realistic and sounds like a lame would because, on the flip side of all of us, I also wanna talk about what your big goals are as well. So it’s, like you want to have these goals that are about setting yourself up for success but there have to be a stretch goal because if you know that you can do it, there’s a sense of not actually following through so the whole purpose of this video is to let you know that it’s like it’s a journey to get your adventure biz up and running. Like it’s not just an overnight “hey. there’s bookings, they coming in, they rolling, and I know who my ideal client is, I know what makes them tick and I know how to get them to come along to my adventures”. It takes time, money and energy to build that up and that is definitely a process and now that it’s not to put you off that is just to remind you that you’re, human and your normal and it’s all part of the business journey.

Any business will see its biggest growth, starting to come through two to three years down the track because that’s where you really start to fully understand the businesses, how it takes what works, what doesn’t and all that sort of stuff. So what I’m saying is, if you’re in the startup phase of your business, whether you haven’t started it and you want to start it is that when you’re sitting your goals make sure that you set them so that there’s something that feels like they’re stretch, like you wanna find that perfect blend of holy sh*t this is scary as f*ck and I can totally freakin do this, this is so awesome so scared as f*ck and inspired. They are the 2. You wanna find that perfect blend of that and then set your goals based around that so that they actually pull you forward into what it is that you wanna create so whatever it is that you wanna be doing, ladies you can totally do this. It actually the whole path, You just need to start and get going and then be committed to following through and know that you’re here for the long term in your business that you’re not just a pie in the sky, show your ladies that you’re there and you’re consistent and that even though you are just starting out that you here for the long term in your business and know where you wanna go in the big picture. Doesn’t have to be anything, doesn’t have to be crystal clear and exact snow. Like I said I just got off a call to one of my clients, one of her goals for 2020 was to go and walk the PCT trail that means that her business needs to be in a certain position to be able to do that. So that goal becomes the thing that’s actually gonna be pulling her business forward. So be clear on where you wanna go show up consistently in your business, do the things that actually matter, make sure you’re clear on who your audience is and just show up in your business consistently and sell your adventures.

Do not be afraid to sell them. This is what happens when I get off coaching calls is that I’m just so full of stuff, inspiration, excitement all of the above. So get out there, do your cool stuff love the thumbs up. Thank you very much. I am gonna go and enjoy the rest of this view and get out there. If you’re starting your business and you are needing some help without the guess work without the overwhelm and you want to work together. You can check out some more on how we can do that at workwithsenka.com. Alright, get out there. This is your life, this is your adventure, go kick some a**.