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[VIDEO] How to Automate Your Adventure Booking Process

By June 15, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Is manually checking your adventure payments, and continually sending confirmations and reminders who book taking up way too much of your precious time…

Aaaaaand driving you just that little bit crazy 😬😬😬

Well, now you can make that a thing of the past.

In this free training I’m going to show you how to automate your adventure booking system so set it up once and let the magic 🎉 happen.

Hit play and let’s dive on in.

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


Is mainly checking your adventure bookings and continuously sending your confirmation emails and reminders to people who book your adventures, taking up way so much of your precious time and just driving you a little bit crazy then don’t worry, in today’s free training I’m gonna walk you through how to automate your adventure booking process so you can sit it out once and let the magic happen.

Hi I’m Senka Radonich Creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been running successfully an adventure business and for the last 3 I’ve been teaching epic women just like you how to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the overwhelm without the guesswork and without having to go at it alone. So let’s get stuck into the five steps on how to automate your adventure booking process.

#1 Payment

Make sure you have an easy process for people to make payment to you I’m gonna recommend something like paypal or stripe, because it automatically collects payment when people click the button. One button, one click and they’re away and booked up and this leads us into number two.

#2 Page redirect

So the great thing about using a payment gateway like paypal or like stripe, is that it then also lets you do a page redirect once a purchase that has booked to come to your adventure. This means you can create your confirmation page just in one location with all the relevant details, any videos, any extra information that you need them to know before they come to their adventure. So make sure you set up a page redirect from your payment gateway.

#3 Connect people who booked to your email system

Number three is to connect up those people that are booked to your email system and I’m hoping you do have an e-mail system set up. Now there’s a couple of different ways that you can actually do this so, depending on the payment gateway that you choose and also the email service provider that you choose. So I’m working with something like Paypal and Aweber. This is an automatic app that allows the two to converse. Otherwise you’re gonna need to look at something like Zapier to then take the people that have used paypal or stripe to make their purchase and put their name on to a segmented email list that’s specific for that adventure, so you can then send them some details. Now that then leads into step number four.

#4 Send a confirmation email

So you wanna set this up automatically to trigger immediately as soon as they have been added automatically to your email list that specific for that adventure and within that email, you wanna make sure you have a link to that confirmation page that you have set up so that you are telling them all the relevant details in just one location.

This keeps your life easy because any updates just can be done in one location and if for some reason, some details differ, you don’t wanna include those in that confirmation email so that you don’t end up confusing the people that have booked to come to your adventures.

#5 Set up email reminders

Number five is to set up email reminders so you wanna make sure that you are reminding everyone of the confirmation details, anything that they need to bring or wear or be aware of or sign before they come to their adventure. I usually send one out two weeks before the adventure and then I also send one out three days before the adventure, just to make sure anybody else who’s joined and maybe a little bit last minute has the details and if anyone is missing them in between it, they have all the information there.

So a quick pro tip too and when it comes to using your email reminders or your email system as you also wanna use that to re-engage and engage with your audience. Maybe you wanna send out an email inviting them to a private facebook community that’s exclusively for people that are coming on or been on your adventures and then that way you can put any additional reminders or video reminders or anything extra into that private group. It also allows them to feel like they’re part of an exclusive community which adds value to what it is that you provide and, of course you know that those are your hot hot hot people who love coming to your adventures and it gives you another space that you have to market to your audience.

So there you have it my 5-part adventure sign up process to help reduce the time that you are spending on getting back to those people that have booked and of course to streamline the experience and booking to come to your adventures. Now, if you’re looking for more ways to automate your adventure biz then be sure to subscribe to the link that’s with this video. That way, we can send direct to your inbox free training, just like this every single week. You’re welcome!

And of course if you wanna find out how you and I can work together to grow your adventure biz, then check out the several ways we can do this at workwithsenka.com, so here’s to getting you and your cool ladies out and about and of course turning your adventure biz into a pumping ass business. I’ll look forward to talking to you again soon. Bye for now.