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Getting Things Started with Your Business

By November 20, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

In 2005 I first launched Adventure Girls…. I ran it for three and a half years and then had to shut it down when I lost everything in the property market crash.

I was devastated.

I had it mean so much about me…

Im a failure, who am I to run a biz, I know jack shit, who would want to with someone who’s been bankrupt…

My self confidence in running my biz was rock bottom.

I honestly thought I’d never run another biz again.

But here’s the thing… your soul calls to you even when your head is like… ummmm…. no, not me.

You feel that niggly feeling that your here for more.

It’ took loosing my mum suddenly nearly 5 years ago for me to go realise that life is too short to buy into the BS of the past and realise that I can re-write my future.

And so Adventure Girls was reborn 4 years ago, and is doing the best it’s ever done.

It took a whole lot of letting go, re-framing past experiences, leaning into fear and still stepping up.

It’s been one hell of an adventure… and it certainly aint over.

That calling to do more in the space of your outdoor addiction, you adventure obsession… you can.

If I can come back from shutting my biz down to now selling out of most of my adventures months out….

Then you can start yours.

You don’t have to quit your day job.

You don’t have to sell a kidney to get things started.

You do have to be willing to step up into the unknown and be willing to grow and expand.

If you have an outdoor addiction or an adventure obsession that you want to turn into a part time biz, then you and I let’s talk.

Lets see how we can break down your idea into esy to roll out steps so you can get started today…. YES… TODAY.

Its easier than you think, if you’re willing to let go of the blocks.


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Helping women in biz in the adventure and outdoor industry start and grow their businesses.