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Feeling through the Resistance

By January 18, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


They don’t call it resistance for no dam reason do they…. resistance, just like weights at the gym help to make you stronger *feel free to insert any cliche (but true) quote here that inspires you*

That being said, sometimes (yes sometimes) that dam resistance can scare the pant off of ya, so why the fuck would you lean into it right?!?!

I mean it’s freaking scary, makes ya body responds in ways you may or may not be aware of (ever notice you get sick or have and accident when you’re expanding), it can drag up old negative beliefs you thought you had ‘delat with’ or ‘dissolved’ or didnt even freaking know where there (how rude!), and can throw you into a world of overwhelm, anger, blame, frustration, overeating, not eating, and any other behaviour that on a surface level ‘doesn’t serve you’ but on a deeper level is keeping you ‘safe’.

Whether your taking your first steps in starting your biz while still working, OR you are wanting to shift gears in your biz, there comes a time (and lets actually keep this really real… there comes lots of times) when you have to feel through the resistance.

Why this topic today… ummm.. cause I’m going through it right now. After 4 days off the grid and having a digital detox, I’ve come home with an evolved vision for what I’m wanting to create… and with that comes THE INTEGRATION…
Woweee…. 3 days and counting of most of the above in the third paragraph as I really have to feel into the resistance… fuck me. Its quite the ride and I feel theres still more to come.

Even after 12 years of ‘personal development’, learning countless strategies, and thinking ‘I know myself’… growth through the resistance never shows up the same.

This time there is a lot of ‘shoulds’, can’t, and how the fuck can I do that…. yeah, those old chestnuts.
So, here’s what I’m doing…. feeling into the resistance, holding a space for what ever needs to come up to come up, and sending that part a fuck tonne of LOVE.

Yip… love.

So simple, so effective, and sometimes so hard.

You see when shifts are happening in our lives and biz, we can easily start to apply a million different unconscious strategies to keep us safe, so when we let go of the need to control the direction the shifts are going and allow what ever needs to come up, we find a new way of being and whole lot more love for all parts of you.

And in that comes feeling through the resistance….

So if you’ve ever wanted to take the step into starting your own business in adventure, travel, the outdoors and exploring (without having to quit your day job just yet), but you can relate to something in this post that’s holding you back… then let’s do this.

Let’s look at how we can work together so you can feel through your resistance and follow your heart.

If ya wanna start the journey of turning your passion into a profitable pumping biz, then let’s do this.

Turn Your Passion for the Outdoors, Adventure, Travel, Exploring and FUN into a Profitable Pumping Biz!