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One of my Fav Relationship Building & Selling Tools

By March 23, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

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Ok, let’s cut to the chase here, cause you wouldn’t be reading this blog unless you wanted to get to the nitty gritty of just what one of my fav relationship building tools was right.

It’s Email Marketing…

Ta daaaa….
Oh, were you expecting something else maybe?
Yes, I do use a couple of other ways to build a relationship with my existing and prospective customers, but this is by far in my top 3 strats, and the one that I have been using the longest.
I’ve been using email marketing now for well over 15 years (yikes… starting show my age here).

In fact I used to own an email marketing company that managed businesses eNewsletters for them back in the day.

So I am a massive fan of email marketing for building a relationship and direct selling.

If a customer or potential customer has opted in to be on your list it means they want to know what you have to offer. Plain and simple. Otherwise they wouldn’t have opted in.

Does this mean that you bombard them with all your offers… ummmm… NO!

You still gotta ‘date’ them!

What do I mean by date?

You can’t just be ‘take’, take’, ‘take’ and only asking for the sale with every email.

You need to mix it up with giving them relevant free stuff too, be it content, giveaways, programs etc

So here’s a couple of ways I use email marketing to help me sell out of adventures time after time.


Set the expectation for your customer and then show up! Consistency is such a key to relationship building.

Look at is this way…

Have you ever dated someone who is all over the place, sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not, sometimes they do what they say and sometimes they don’t.

I don’t know about you, but that shit drives me crazy.

Showing up constantly for your potential and existing customers it CRUCIAL.

Lock in a day and time and send your email EVERY TIME AT THAT TIME!

I send my Upcoming Adventures every Wednesday at 10:45am without fail

OK… maybe once or twice every couple of months I drop the ball and don’t send it on that day. And you know the funny thing. I usually get an email from someone asking where it is.

And if you think weekly is too often, then think again.

Every week I’m getting new subscribers, and in summer every weekend I have new adventures, so if I’m only sending once a month then all those new subscribers are missing out o knowing whats coming up… and we can’t have that.

If your content is relevant and they want to know more, they will stay on your list.



These are golden… If you’re asking “what’s an email sequence”, then you’re missing out on an epic automation tool.

If you’re using an email programme like mailchimp or aweber, they should have this feature and you do wanna use it!

This feature lets you take anyone who signs up along a journey into working with you, and set up right can increase your conversions by 25%



Every week I create a new blog with content thats relevant to my audiences, and each week I send out that blog to those that have asked for it.

So every week I’m giving something for free to my prospective and existing clients.
Just like this blog you’re reading now.

Relationships are a two way street… it can’t be all selling, there has to be some giving.

There ya have it, one of my fav relationship building & selling tools… email marketing.


Just remember though that the key is consistency.

This is just one of the many different puzzle pieces that fit together to form a strong foundation of mindset tools, well oiled systems and tried and tested systems that I teach rad women, like you, who are either starting out in biz or ready to grow it to the next level.

So, give this a go for a month and see what happens in your biz.

They say it takes 21 days to start to form a new habit, but the reality is it takes closer to 3 months to start seeing results.

I know, that if you’re consistent in these habits, that the bookings will start to flow.

If you really wanna step into your biz more fully and need support, butt kicking and strategy. Then hit me up via email and let’s talk.

Here’s to you and you conquering email marketing.

Senka xx
Biz Coach & Adventure Seeker