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Apart from when I’m actually running adventures, I love, love, LOVE the fact that I can run my biz any I can find a connection to the internet…. be it using my 3G on my phone and sitting out the back of Hank (my 4Wheel Drive) or using wifi at a cafe.

It’s one of the key things I wanted to create when I ‘dreamed’ of my epic life.

Part of what helps me create the freedom to work on a laptop, my iphone or at my PC are some super rad biz tools that keep me connected to everything thats going on with my team, bookings and biz.

So I wanted to share some of my fav biz tools have help me keep my finger on the pulse, reach more epic women to inspire them to get out of their comfort zones wither by doing adventures they have always wanted to or by helping them discover in themselves their dream biz.

The super rad thing about some of these tools is that they have a free basic version that if you are just starting out is perfect, and then they have the flexibility to grow with you as your biz grows.

Plus your team (if you have one) can access everything they need from their computer no matter where they are in the world.

And of course, all you need is an internet connection and you too can start to build your mini empire (or epic empire) all from your laptop and sometimes even just your phone.

So here’s my fav seven tools that let me run my team and biz from anywhere that I have the internet and my two cents worth, plus a bonus list of 10 other tools and apps I use consistently in my biz from anyhere)


This is my go platform for organising my teams tasks (but really it’s how they keep me on track). I just used to use a shared google doc before my genius Virtual Assistant put me onto it, and I have never looked back.

What I love about Trello (aside from the fact that the version I’m using is FREE) is how easy it is to set up Boards for your different teams, create lists within those dashboards and then cards for each of the tasks that need to be done.
You can schedule recurring tasks, make guide list, have checklist so you can never for a sequence in a task again, upload images by simply copying and pasting… and a shit tonne more.

Im a really visual processor, so this system just seems to work for my brain.

We’ve got our system so tight now, that when my VA need me to action something, she tags it with a pink tag, so when I go in I can see at a glance what cards I need to take action on.

And better still, I now only go in twice a day so my time is used far more effectively vs replying to all the emails that were coming in.

Now all our convos are stored on the card for easy reference at anytime.

Plus the iphone app means that whenever I have an action that pops into my find anywhere, I can immediately load it as a new card straight off my phone #winning

Here’s the link to check out all the bells and whistles for yourself


My life changed when I got told about Hootsuite. I’ve got a number of Facebook groups to manage, and I LOVE to be in there each day staying in touch with everything at a ground level. But what I found is that as the groups grew, it got trickier to manage all those groups…. and here comes Hootsuite to save the day.

Hootsuite lets you prep your posts and schedule them to post when you want. This allows me to prep my content the day before and schedule it to send at times when the group is most active.

What I love about this is I do my best writing in the moment. Stuff pops into my head and Im like I gotta get that shit down and out to my peps. So Hootsuite allows me to write anytime during that day when Im most connected to my message and send it the next day vs ‘having to write at a certain time if im not in flow’.

I say follow the flow and write when you’re inspired and use hootsuite to deliver it consistently to your groups.
Oh, and this doesn’t take me away from being a human engaging with other humans if you’re worried about that.
I go in every day to my groups and comment, reply and engage personally. So don’t forgo automation for genuinely connecting too.

Check out Hootsuite here


This is my go to bulk email delivery system. Yes there are plenty of other ones on the market, but I love Aweber for its simplicity for list segmenting and autoresponder emails for when people book adventures or coaching.

Set up simple text only emails, or templated fancy foo emails and stay in touch with this ESSENTIAL biz tool.

For anyone who says email is dead… think again. Yes social media is massive and its a hug way of reaching new people , plus re-engaging with them, AND email marketing is one of the tools that keeps me in the fofront of my clients minds.

From weekly Upcoming Adventure announcements, to weekly biz hack emails, to candid off the cuff offer, promos and convos… Aweber hands down helps me tell my audience, whos opted in to hear from me (we only love permission based emailing), whats happening in the world of Adventures Girls and Biz Coaching, and most importantly how they can book (I hope your in the practise of asking for the sale!!!)

Everything is scheduled, so again this means I can write when Im in flow, and lock it in to send when it’s needed. And of course all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Check out Aweber here


Ahhhh… calendly, where have you been all my life to make booking appointments a breeze! Hands down the easiest scheduling tool around.

Once set up (again you only need internet and a computer to do this) you can sit back on the beach and let people find the best times to suite them (and you of course) to book in for an appointment.

What I love about using a tool like Calendly is that you can preset the times and days you are available for bookings… so lock in times back to back, or put them at times you don’t have the kids, adventures, meetings and let your clients work around you.

Remember.. biz is about creating a lifestyle that works for you. Maximise you time and energy by blocking days and times for appointments.

Check out Calendly here


The perfect product I think for when you are starting out and you don’t have a website that you can use to send clients to, to sign up for anything from a newsletter, to an event, download giveaways, host videos and confirmation pages… The uses are ENDLESS!

The main way I use Leadpages is for lead generation. So I use it to build the pages that people see when they come through FB marketing, and then to capture their details and send them onto the free resource I’ve created to for them.

The easy templates make it a dream for anyone lacking creativity and if you are used to other online programs, they have a easy drag and drop system.

Check out LeadPages here


This is my fav free (depending on how you use it) customer relationship management system (CRM). I’ve been using it on and off through out a number of different businesses I’ve owned and worked in and it the perfect online (theres an app too) tool to keep track of when to follow up leads, enquiries, also store supplier dets and build profiles around your customers so you can better serve them with tailored solutions.

You don’t need to be a rock scientist to use this either. Add companies, people, add notes, link emails via gmail, and schedule follow ups.

And the beauty is that my VA has access to this as well so she can remotely access all the dets she needs for booking adventures, confirming details and scheduling follow ups for me….BOOM.

Check out Capsule here


With ZERO set up costs and ridiculously easy ‘website integration’ (ummm… there is none, you just copy the code and paste it in… I know… sooo simple), I don’t know why anyone would do it differently when they are starting out.

Set up one off payments, set reoccurring payments, direct them to pages when they purchase, direct themt o pages when they don’t purchase, set limits on quantities so you don’t oversell….

The features are endless.

Did I mention its free to set up.

And the other great thing is you only pay fees on each transaction. No monthly fees.

Plus for those of you running teams, you can get up separate access to your paypal account and limit the authority they have. Ie you can just have them view balances and set up booking codes.. too easy huh!

Check out PayPal here

Now there are a truck tonne more great apps and tools woth checking out the allow you and your team, if you have one, work from anywhere you have the internet.

Heres a list of 10 more that I use regularly in my biz.


  1. GoogleMail
  2. GoogleDrive
  3. Dropbox
  4. Skype
  5. Zoom
  6. Wordswag
  7. Overgram
  8. Watermark Photo
  9. Watermark Video
  10. Pic Stitch

So there you have it… My Fav Seven Biz Tools That Let Me Run My Team And Biz From Anywhere That I Have The Internet and my two cents worth, plus a bonus list of 10 other tools and apps I use consistently in my biz from anywhere)


Just remember you’d don’t need to go shopping up a storm and using the full paid versions when you are just starting out.

Most of the time you can use the basic version until you get your biz off the ground. Or if you are already in biz, make sure that if you are investing in any of these or other tools, then make sure it’s going to GROW your biz.

These tools and apps are one of many different puzzle pieces that fit together to form a strong foundation of mindset tools, well oiled systems and tried and tested systems.

Here’s to you and your biz growth.

Senka xx
Biz Coach & Adventure Seeker