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EEEK.. Practising What I Preach!

By February 3, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


Do as I say not as I do right?!?!!? Shit, I wish.

Every day I ask my biz clients to show up and step up in their biz, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.
And here’s the funny thing… I haven’t fully stood up in mine.

I’ve done this stealth entrance into the coaching world over the last 6 months (even though I’ve coached on and off for 10 years)… and it’s time for me to put my big girl knickers on and practice what I preach.

So here I am finally OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCING TO THE WORLD.. well the FB world that is for now, that I am a Biz Coach.
hmmmm…. what do you know, the world didn’t fall apart in finally putting it out there…

it’s freaking exciting actually… so along side running my kick ass adventures for women with Adventure Girls, Im now taking 12+ years of experience in running businesses, mine and other peoples and unleashing all the knowledge to you, you rad biz (or wanna be biz) woman!

All that experience, knowledge, strategies about biz and mindset stuff for you to tap into… YUS!

So here’s who I work with (hopefully that’s you, you gorgeous thing you (does flattery work?!?!)

All you outdoorsy or active type women

Women who wanna turn your passion for the outdoors, adventure, travel, exploring and FUN into a profitable pumping biz!

You either
Wanna exit your 9-5 boring job for one of fun and adventure doing what you love! YES PLEASE
You wanna grow your biz and you cashflow by upgrading your mindset and your strats. HELL YEAH

Pretty simple ay.

So here comes the shameless plug (cause lets be real here ladies if your in biz you gotta make it easy for peps to stalk you)

Here’s how you can find out how to work with me:

And if you wanna check out my brand new FB page, you can be one of the very first to like it (seriously I have zero likes, I just set it up today)

And… I’ve got a bunch of blogs and freebees on my website here:


If ya wanna start the journey of turning your passion into a profitable pumping biz, then let’s do this.

Turn Your Passion for the Outdoors, Adventure, Travel, Exploring and FUN into a Profitable Pumping Biz!