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Don’t Make Your Biz Harder Than It Needs To Be

By March 6, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Left for brakes and right for gears, Thumb for easy, finger for hard.

This is how I teach any first timer mountain biking out at Woodhill.

Left hand for brakes… cause you gotta know how to stop wen you need to. Right hand for changing gears, so it makes riding easier by a thousand times.

And when you’re using the gears

You use the lever by your thumb to make it easier for going up hills and

You use the lever by you finger to make it easier for going down hills

Are there more than four things you need to know when you’re out mountain biking for the first time… yes

Always remember to look where you wanna go.

All that a side, there are a shit tonne more things you will need to know as you get out on the tracks,

But here’s the thing,

If I were to tell you every single thing straight away, I’d fill your brain with so much information you’d end up overwhelmed and you wouldn’t know what was the most important to get you started.

Just like when you’re overwhelmed in your biz.

You’ve got so much information going on that ya don’t know where to start to get into action.

If that’s you, and you wanna have some help figuring out what you ‘left and right, finger and thumb’ is for you in your adventure biz from someone who’s been there before,

Then you and I

Lets talk.

Just hit reply to this email and let’s see how I can help.

Hear from you soon.

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