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[VIDEO] How to Ditch Overwhelm with Two Lines

By January 31, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Overwhelm is one of the biggest dream killers (along with comparison) out there when you are running your biz.  You’re doing the marketing, the sales, the content, you’re running the adventures and you’re doing all the admin along side of that… scheesh, I’m overwhelmed just writing this.

If you’re anything like me, you love making lists and ticking shit off it… there’s a glorious sense of achievement and satisfaction that come with running your pen through something to say DONE.

The problem is, its when that list keeps growing and you’re trying to smash everything out last week and you can’t get to the important stuff that’s going to grow your biz.

What if, with just two lines I could help you clear you plate and ditch the overwhelm.

You’d be pretty stoked right!

Check out this weeks vid on how to How to ditch overwhelm with two lines:

There’s even a link to download the PDF to make it super simple for you.


I get it, overwhelm in your biz is a shit place to be.

Whether you’re toying with the idea of starting something and you just don’t even know what it the right thing to do first, or you have set some stuff up but you keep going round in circles not really getting anywhere but exhausted.

You and me let’s grab 30 mins for a biz pow wow to see what’s up and how I can help.  Book your time here

Hear from you soon,

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