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[VIDEO] 3 Step Road Map To More Bookings

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If you list it, they will come…


I’d love to tell you that your adventures will magically sell out if you just list them up, BUT…. if you’re doing that you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In this free training vidI give you my 3 Step Roadmap To More Bookings.

Hit play and see what parts you’re missing.

If you’re struggling to fill adventures and you want a fresh perspective then let’s talk, fire me through an email or a private message and we’ll see how I can help.

And of course, to get more videos like in your inbox every week, be sure to subscribe here.

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guess work or going at it alone!


If you list it, they will come and your adventures will magically sell out.  Ummm… yeah right.  Unless you’ve got yourself a sweet as customer journey road map you’re just putting it out there with a hope and a prey that they will sell out.

In this training vid I’m gonna give you my 3 Part Road Map that I use to sell my adventures.

Hi! I’m Senka Radonich, creator of Adventure Girls in Biz, and for the last eight years I’ve been successfully running my adventure business and for the last three I’ve been teaching epic women like you, how to turn you outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without having to go at it alone.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten in on a coaching call and the client has said to me, but “Senka I’ve listed my adventure. Why is it not selling out?” As much as I would love to say If you list it, they will come, it is just not the case. That’s only part of the roadmap that you need in order to sell out of your adventures. So here’s my three-part roadmap for you.

#1 Traffic

Basically traffic is the people that are seeing your adventures. But, let’s be more specific about this. You actually wanna get targeted traffic which is why you wanna be super clear on exactly who your audience is. None of this vague stuff of like “I serve all women!” Let’s get super targeted on who you actually serve so that when you are generating traffic, you know exactly who to speak to and you can cut through all the noise and not speak to those that aren’t who you wanna be talking to.

Three ways you can drive traffic to your adventures is by doing Facebook ads. You can do a Meetup adventure. You can list it up on Meetup or you can create a freebie where people put their email address in, in exchange for that cool offer that you have so you can share your adventures with them.

#2 Engagement

Now we’re not talking rings here. This is about what do you do once you get all that traffic. So engagement is about creating compelling content that draws those people in that they just have to and must be a part of the conversations that you’re having to do with your adventure. This is where you invite them in to conversations, whether it’s through Facebook posts, through emails through shared discussions, whatever it is, it’s about engaging with them in a conversation. So they get to know they can trust you so that makes tip number three all that much easier.

#3 Conversion

This is turning a prospect into a customer and they get to come along to your adventures. In order to convert people, you wanna create the path of least resistance for them by giving them the easiest way to book to come along on adventures. So making sure that you have calls-to-action at the end of your posts. Now here’s a pro tip for you and you’ve probably heard a thousand times from me before because I can never say it often enough.

Consistency is going to get you across the line. Being consistent and when you are creating your content that’s relevant for your audience and being consistent in making offers for them to come along to your adventures, make sure that you are being heard in amongst all of your audience at any given time.

Now, when I say consistent, I mean daily. Now if doing this daily scares you then it’s a good opportunity to take up the challenge to see how you can create conversions more consistently by making offers everyday.

There you have it. My three-part Roadmap Traffic, Engagement and Conversion.

If you’re struggling to fill adventures and you want a fresh perspective then let’s talk, fire me through an email or a private message and we’ll see how I can help.

And of course, to get more videos like in your inbox every week, be sure to subscribe here.

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guess work or going at it alone!

[VIDEO] 4 Ways to use Meetup to Drive Bookings

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If you’re targeting women in your local area for your adventures, and your not using MeetUp, you’re missing out on a massive opportinuty to increase sales…

like seriously missing out! There are so many women on there that you will not find on Facebook.

If you’re one of the smart ones and are using MeetUp, here’s for ways to use it effectivly to drive bookings.

NOTE: If you don’t have MeetUp, I have a free 20 min training vid on how to set it up and use it to gain leads that convert. You can get the link to that video at end this weeks training vid.

Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t, so click the link below and grab a time that works for you.



If you’re targeting women in your local area for adventures and you’re not using Meetup. then you are missing out on a massive opportunity to increase your sales. Now, if you know are using Meetup don’t worry, I have got a 20 minute free training video that you can watch that shows you exactly how to set it all up and get started with it and you can get the link with this video at the end and if you’re already using Meetup, here is four ways that you can help drive more sales through your Meetup channel.

Hi, I’m Senka Radonich – creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years, I’ve been running a successful adventure business and for the last three. I have been teaching women just like you how to turn your outdoor obsession Into a pumping biz. So let’s get stuck into it.

#1 Send a weekly summary of your upcoming adventures

You’ll be surprised to see how many new people you get on your list every single week, so, if you’re not keeping the ladies that are coming in, the new ladies that are coming in updated with the adventures that you’ve got coming up, it’s easy for them to miss the opportunity that you might have for any adventures that are coming up just even in the weekend or for the stuff that I can plan for the time ahead.

So make sure that you are sending a weekly yes, weekly summary of your upcoming adventures so that people have the opportunity to book even if they’re new to your list in Meetup.

#2 Send an email to the RSVPers every week

Yes, again weekly, every week to encourage them to book and pay for their place. Now the cool thing about Meetup is the opportunity to be able to email those people that have RSVP’d Yes. Depending on how you’ve got your Meetup set up you may not be using the Internet booking system with Meetup and if you’re not what you wanna do is make sure that you’re sending those people that have RSVPd but haven’t paid a message to say “hey here’s the link to book. We haven’t confirmed your place and of course, places are selling out and we don’t want you to miss out”. So make sure you send that out to all those people that RSVPd to your adventures once a week and it’ll help encourage those bookings to come through.

#3 Share the pictures from your past adventure

Share the pictures from past adventure to the women that have RSVPd to your adventures but they didn’t come along. It’s a great opportunity to have a foot in the door to start a conversation with them. “Hey sister I noticed that you didn’t make it to our exclusive adventures, here’s are pictures of us doing it the last time and here is the link to get on the next one”. What you wanna do is make it super easy for your people within Meetup to be able to come along to your adventures and of course, you want it to be really targeted.

If they’ve RSVPd “maybe” or “yes” but haven’t made it to your last adventure, they are very hot to come along to your next one, so why not create that window and to being able to come along to the next one and make it really easy for them to stick through.

#4 List the details for adventures

Even if you don’t have the full details ready for them. This is a challenge I actually just recently said for my girls in my private coaching group and it got massive results for them in terms of people being interested. Now, the great thing about this strategy is that enlisting a date with an adventure in the basic concept of the adventure is that it allows people to start RSVPing, to be able to put the date aside and to build some interest in the meantime, so when you actually do get the final details and the booking details you already have a warm audience that you can send out the confirmation stuff to, and I can guarantee you you’ll get bookings way quicker in that process because people are just getting to find out the final details, so that they can book and come along to your awesome adventures.

And it also gives them the opportunity to see that you’ve got lots of things on offer. This is actually really crucial part. If you have your Meetup group make sure that you have plenty of adventures listed so this is one way to get all those listings up, but not needing to have all the complete details.

So there you have it. Four ways that you can use Meetup to help drive bookings for your adventures. Number one is send a weekly summary of your upcoming adventures. Number two is to send a message to the people that have RSVPd. Number three is to use the pictures to re engage people that didn’t come to your past adventures and number four is to list your adventure up before you have all of the details.

Now if you don’t have Meetup and you wanna use that to help drive your sales for your adventures, then you’re in luck, I have a free 20 minute video that gives you all the ins and outs on how to get that set up and how to utilize that to drive more sales for this. You can download it with the link that’s with this video.

And of course, if you’re keen to use Meetup as a strategy and you want to review how you can make that work better for your business, then, let’s talk. Send me a private message and we’ll find out what it is that you want to utilize Meetup for and how you can and we can have a one on one session to get really clear on how to use Meetup as a strategy for your bookings. Here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t.

And, of course, to you, creating a pumping adventure biz. I’ll look forward to seeing you in the next video.

Stop Under Valuing What You Provide

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How can I make money on what people can organise themselves for cheaper?

OMG… You wouldn’t believe the number of times I hear this from women wanting to launch their adventure biz… seriously!

Girl you gotta stop under valuing what you provide for peps.

Like, legit, you gotta stop that!

You’re selling yourself short and you’re not owning what you’re creating for all those other amazing women out there.

Here’s a four truth bombs to set ya straight on this

#1 If people could do it themselves they would be, but they aren’t.

Simple as that. They wanna do it, but like every other person it seems out there, they are too busy, or they don’t know where to start. So you’re providing a service of organising it all for them.

#2 You’re providing the SERVICE OF SIMPILCITY

This is where the value of what you do it. This is why you charge what you do. You’re spending time, money and energy on creating, collating and running an experience, all to provide the SERVICE OF SIMPILCITY. There is a value on that. A dollar value to be exact.

#3 If they are into organising it themselves then they are not your client

At the end of the day what you provide is not for everyone. If someone is into doing that for themselves, then awesome for them! The fact of the matter is, if you are trying to be everything for everyone, you’ll waste valuable energy trying to convince those that aren’t for you that they need you. When you’re far better off focusing on those peps that a good fit for you.

#4 Look beyond this limiting belief to see what is the real fear behind

Yeah, we’re gonna go there sista.

So much of launching and running a biz is around mindset as much as it is strategy. And the hidden fears behind the limiting beliefs we keep telling ourselves have a bigger impact than what we realise.

We mask a deeper fear with a limiting belief, and present that to the world because it feels less vulnerable.

Ask yourself, what is the deeper fear… fear or rejection if you launch, fear of failing if no one books your adventures, fear of getting it wrong, fear of things not being perfect, fear of judgement…. what’s the real hidden fear?

It’s time to start valuing the service you provide girl, and begin to make money in your biz.

If you’re wanting to kick start running adventures as another revenue stream for your current biz or along side your not as much fun day job, or…

You’re already trying to run adventures and they just aren’t getting the numbers you want,

Then you and I, let’s talk.

Hear from you soon.

Adventure Seeker. Biz Coach. Speaker.

Helping women like you, turn your outdoor obsession and adventure addiction into a super rad biz.


[VIDEO] Why taking a different action isn’t getting a different result

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So you’ve heard the saying in order to get a different result in biz, you need to take a different action.

But what happens when those different actions keep getting you the same result…

Thats probably becuse you’re missing this step.

Find out where you actually need to be making the change from and how you can do that.

And check out this free resource to go with it…


Here’s to you and turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz.



How many times have you heard the saying in order to get a different result. You’re going to have to take a different action, so you do, but then you just get the same results. So in today’s video, I’m gonna share with you what it is you’re actually doing and of course we really need to be making the change so that you can get those different results.

Hey I’m Senka Radonich – creator of Adventure Girls In Biz and for the last 12 years I’ve been running adventures and the last three I’ve been teaching women, like you, who have an outdoor obsession how to turn that into a pumping biz.

Let’s look at it like this. Results come from your actions. Your actions come from your mindset. Your mindset comes from your beliefs, and your beliefs come from your thoughts. So if you are continually just taking different actions to get a different result, what you’re gonna find is you’re actually gonna end up what I call paper-shuffling.

Which means you’re just picking up the same pile of paper, putting in a different order, putting it in another box and then the next day getting out. Picking up that same pile, reshuffling it and putting it in another box which an actual fact doesn’t get you any real different results. If you wanna get big results and a big change, you need to actually go all the way down that process to your thoughts. That is the domino that actually creates the change to get a different result.

By changing what it is that you think about and how you think about your business and turn your gonna end up changing the beliefs that you have around what you can and can’t do in your business, which is gonna change your mindset. Then it’s going to actually create different actions for you to take different results. Now the big question of course, is how do you change those thoughts?

Part of changing your thoughts is actually being able to tune into them and become aware of what it is that you’re thinking that you can and cannot do in your business. This is so critical. So one of the best thing that I use in my business is journaling for success.

Now you might be saying Senka that’s a little bit woo-woo. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

I’ve been using it for the last 12 months and I can say it has definitely impacted the results that I’ve been getting in the business. For this very reason with journaling for success you’re asking yourself specific questions to tune yourself in to start to notice those thoughts that are not serving you in terms of growing in your business.

So that way you can actually tune into what is and what isn’t working so that way you can actually create a brand new belief around what it is that you want in terms of your result in your business, so what I’ve done for you is I’ve actually created a list of 20 different journaling prompts that you can use on a daily basis. You don’t have to use them all every single day. You can pick and choose one or two that stand out for you, but what it allows you to do is to start to tune into the thought pattern that’s actually really holding you back from what it is that you wanna create.

The beautiful thing about doing the journaling is that then allows you to get those unexpected breakthroughs, those insights, and it will help you create the growth that you need in order to get the results that you want in your business. So you can download the PDF of those 20 journaling prompts. So you can start doing that straight away, so you can see what insight.

And of course what I’d love to know is whether you’re actually doing any journaling already in your business or do you think it’s just a little on the woo-woo side. Either way, share your comments below with this video.

I’d love to find out what your thoughts are around journaling for success in your business. And make sure you subscribe so you can watch more training videos like this. Here’s to you for turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz.

[VIDEO] The 3 Key Numbers you need to know to ensure your adventure biz is profitable!

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So you have no freaking idea what to charge for your adventures… or you’re wondering if you’re charging enough, are you adventures breaking even, how many do you need to run a year, what the hell is GP and what are you meant to do with it….

Hold up sista, I’ve got you.

In this weeks vid I’m gonna share the three key numbers you need to focus on your biz so you know how it’s tracking to be a biz not an expensive hobbie.

And to help ya out even more, I’m gonna give to you… yes….

give to you two… yes… two FREE… yes free… adventure profit calculators to make you life a shit tonne easier.

You’ll be able to work out the profit from each adventure, and then use those number to reverse engineer how many adventure you need to run to make the money you want…

Here ya go


You’re welcome.

Here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t.


Cash flow, profit & loss, expenditure. Not the sexiest of things to talk of. Tell you what is sexy though is Money Leftover. Whether you’re running a profitable business or just running a hobby.

I’m going to share my 3 key numbers to turn your hobby to a profitable biz. I’m Senka, creator of AdventureGirlsInBiz, running adventures for 12 years. I’ve been teaching women to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz.

The one thing I know for sure is how to do numbers in my biz – money in and going out and how it’s interpreted to running a profitable business.

The 3 key numbers I focus are these:

#1 Your gross profit percentage

Your gross profit is money in minus money out and your money leftover. The gross profit percentage is money leftover divided by money in. You can use this number to reverse engineer what you need to create in terms of sales & bookings for the year coming again. Knowing your gross profit percentage allows you to make tiniest of changes in money going out to help you increase sales. 1% or 2% can make a difference. It will make you rethink about giving discounts to people asking for them.

#2 Operating Expenses

This is the money that you spend to run your business. This can easily get away on you. It’s easy to sign up monthly subscriptions. Just $40 a month suddenly ends to $200-300 that you may not need to spend. Make sure you’re checking your expenses every quarter, so you can see these extra expenses that’s gonna help you make a profitable business.

#3 Sales Target

This is how many adventures you need to get, how many people you need in your adventures & all the stuff related to that. Those are the 3 key things. I focus on to make sure it’s running at a profitable level. Tracking these numbers allows you to make changes to your business. I’ve created an adventure profit calculator and a sales adventure calculator which you can get with the link in this vid. You can work out what your gross profit percentage and your sales to make your business profitable. Here’s to getting more women doing cool sh*t!

[VIDEO] Let’s be honest here

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Not selling out of adventure? Here’s probably why and five of my fav ways to sell more spots… you’re welcome!

So you have an adventure that’s coming up soon

You haven’t quite got the numbers your need or want

So you post it on good ol’ FB,

you hit the boost button and…..

crickets… nothing… nada


not quite the result you were looking for right.

So then you start questioning your adventure

Is the price right

Is there enough people out there that wanna do this

Then…. yikes…. you start to question yourself

Can I do this


Here’s why I think you’re probably not be selling out of your adventures,

PLUS five of my fav ways to sell more spots… you’re welcome!

Senka x

Let’s talk

Here’s to getting more ladies out doing more cool sh*t. I can’t wait to catch up with you on our next video.


So you put your adventure up on facebook. You hit the boost button expecting the bookings to come pouring in and then crickets. nothing. Why the hell are your adventures not selling out? In this video I’m gonna share with you why they’re not selling out and five of my favorite ways to help boost sales.

Hi I’m Senka, creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been running adventures and for the last three years, I have been helping women turn their outdoor obsession into a pumping biz.

So when it comes to selling adventures I know, I thing or two about that. So I’ve got here in front of me five of my favorite ways to have to boost the sales. But let me ask you this. What is that you doing to actually help increase the sales for your adventures? Are you just having that boost button on Facebook is that all that you doing so. What I wanna know is how often I actually sharing your adventures out there? It’s all very well and good to just hit the boost button or to put it onto MeetUp and then just sit back and wait for it to come, all the bookings to coming to you, which would be a freaking ideal world and to be honest, it’d just put me out of business if that was the case.

But it’s not quite as simple as that when it comes to selling your adventures. You actually need to be exceptionally consistent in the way that you show up in your business. Here’s the thing not everybody is on the Facebook or MeetUp at the time that you’re sharing your content so you have to be exceptionally repetitive of in terms of getting your message out there and getting your adventures out there to share it with everyone that’s there.

So not everyone’s gonna be on at 2 PM when you send your Facebook post and you boost it and you wonder why the hell no one is clicking on it!

Sorry my friend… girl friend. You are gonna have to show up way more regularly and way more consistently and share your content far more often than you think you do.

So, here’s my five favorite ways that you can actually boost your sales and of course get more bookings and share you message with a much bigger audience than just hitting thatt button on Facebook.

So #1 I’ve got them all written down here. So, #1 is alright cool number one is at a call to action at the end of all of your posts. So if you aren’t making it easy for people to go, that looks really rad I’m gonna go do that and you haven’t got a way for them to find out how easy it is to get and get the information then you’re losing opportunity.

Not everyone wants to go and google search up you’re Facebook Page or your website or anything like that. So put a call to action, so what you want to do after they read that post, put that end of every post that you doing out there on Facebook so that will definitely make everybody else’s experience way easier to get on to your adventures and find them at.

So #2 is get interviewed as a guest on a someone else’s podcast or on their blog and, here’s the tip with this one. Make sure that it’s relevant to your audience. This is a great one to many method. You get to talk to one person, do one action but it reaches a really super large audience. I love this method with being an extrovert. I love to be interviewed, because I love to share my adventures.

To know that I can get more woman out doing more cool shit, whether it’s doing fun adventures or with business coaching. So it’s a really great one too many method.

Alright #3 is send a private message to people that are liking your posts. Now this may seem like a really interesting one, but I have to tell you you it’s been exceptionally successful. Here is the thing with this. You don’t wanna be just spamming people, taking a cookie cutter comment and just reposting, resharing that every time, or resharing or reposting that into the private message.

This is a chance to actually engage with people and here is the thing. Keep it short, punchy, straight to the point and super engaging. So “hey I saw you loved our post about x,y,z. Did you keen to come have some fun with us”. Any way that you can start a conversation with these people. Anyway, that was number three.

#4 is create a Freebee and then share that out to the world and created a mail sequence that builds a relationship. So this is were you can create a download that’s relevant for what it is that you do in your business. So whether you are a hiking business… you can create five favorite places to go. Whether your a surf business…. here is my top three tips on how to get up and do this in the water, or water safety safety. Whatever it is make sure it’s relevant to your audience and create a freebie, a let people put in their email address to get it.

And then create an email sequence that actually builds a relationship and trys to start a conversation with people.

Alright… lucky #5 is actually create a live video, (laughing) create a live video and on Facebook and then use the retargeting and Facebook ads to send some additional freebees to people that have watch that. It’s a great way to engage again with a brand new audience and to share your message out there and your adventures, so that people can come along. Because he is the thing if you not telling people about it and youre not sharing it and you’re, not getting it to wide audience, then people aren’t gonna know bout you.

If they don’t know about you, they can’t come have fun on your adventures. Pretty simple right, so if you are a woman with an outdoor obsession and you wanna turn that into a pumping biz or you already have started to turn your outdoor obsession into a biz and you wanna grow that… then you and I lets chat you can even hit the send message button that’s with this video or you can click the link and, let’s you and I get on a 30 minute pow wow, see where you’re at,see where you wanna go and of course, how can help you get there. So here’s to getting more, ladies out, doing more cool shit!

I can’t wait to catch up with you in our next video. Bye for now!

[VIDEO] 3 Ways To Boost Your Bookings

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I get asked almost every day “how can I get more bookings for my adventures”

Here’s three things you can start do right now… you’re welcome!

How do I know these work…

#1 I do them and 80% of my adventures sell out and the other 20% are close to sold out

#2 My clients are getting more booking because they are doing these three things

Once you’ve watched the vid, either comment below or hit the ‘send message’ button with this vid and let me know which of these three tips will make the biggest impact for you in your biz right now.

Here’s to getting more ladies out doing more cool sh*t!





[VIDEO] I read a quote that nearly had me in tears

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Today I read a quote that struck a cord in me, and almost had me in tears.

Find out what the quote that sparked this boverlog, and the one thing Im talking in here about that can be the difference between propelling towards a biz of doing what you are passionate about or keep you stuck standing on the beach watching things pass you by.

If you’re a woman with an outdoor obsession, and you wanna turn it into a pumping biz then let’s talk.

Helping women turn their outdoor obsessions into a pumping biz without the overwhelm, guess work and going at it alone.

Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t, so click the link below and grab a time that works for you.



So I read a quote today that was a reminder as to how much mindset is a pivotal part of growing your business, and why it is that you need to be really aware of your passion in order to grow your business.

So hey I’m Senka – creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and in this quick video I’m just gonna share with you this one quote that I read today by Bethany Hamilton. If you don’t know who she is, she is an epic surfing babe and she lost her arm in a shark attack at age 13 and she is still stuffing and if you haven’t seen her video, I would highly recommend going and seeing it.

So the quote that I wanna share with you today that was a reminder about being aware your passion and your business and how that is attached to your mindset and growth. Her quote was this:

“My passion for surfing was stronger than my fear of sharks.”

Here’s a woman that lost her arm doing the thing that she loved and in order to get back out there, she had to face her fear and go through a journey to do that in order to realize that her passion is the driving force behind her business.

So here’s the thing, in your business where are you focused? Are you focused on all the things that you are afraid of in your business? Are you afraid of things like not selling out of adventures? Are you afraid of having to cancel them? Are you afraid people won’t book? Are you afraid of what people are gonna say? Are you afraid people are gonna not wanna pay you what you wanna charge for your business and for your adventures?

I used that and that fear of not being perfect, not having it right, not having everything done. Are you stuck in that spice, focused on on the fear, focused on the shark? Or are you focused on your surfing, your passion, your business whether that’s surfing, mountain biking, gun shooting, dirt biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, whatever your outdoor obsession is, are you focused on how much joy and happiness that brings to you and the people that come along? Or are you focused on where your fears lie? So are you looking at the shark or looking at the surf board and the waves that are there that are the things that drive you.

It was a huge reminder this morning that where we put our attention and our business will directly result and we’re we take our business and the growth that it has. You can’t grow your business if you’re focused on your fear but not on how do I move through that fear so that I can have more of what I wanna create in my business.

So if you are a woman with an outdoor obsession and you are either running a business already so you’ve got some stuff going and it’s not quite we want it to be or you have an outdoor obsession and you don’t know how to turn that into a business. Then you and I, let’s talk.

That way you can see where you can shift your focus from fear into passion and let’s jump on a call. So you and I let’s have a 30-minute biz powow. This is a strategy session we’ll talk about what things are at right now for you. We wanna go and what’s in the way like what are the fears that you’re focusing on and that way we can look trying get you freed up and interactions that leave the cool feeling inspired and motivated to get out there and kick some ass.

So, here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t so click the link with this video and grab a time that works for you. Catch you later!




It’s time to be a shark in your biz

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They say being a shark in biz is a bad thing, but I beg to differ.

In this case being a shark is the best thing for your biz.

I was out for a run down in Kinloch.

As I was heading down a long 1km straight stretch of flat road (is it just me or does everyone else hate running those bits too… it’s like they never end right!

Any way…

As I was heading down a long 1km straight stretch of flat road, I could see in the distance a row of letterboxes.

Not just one or two

A row massive row of 20ish red, black or yellow plastic rural style letterboxes.

They were all neatly lined up on the side of the road all matchy matchy, all exactly the same except for their color except for the one at the very end.

As I got closer to the row I had to stop and take a photo.

Picture this is you can…

A letterbox wrapped in small pieces of drift wood made to look like a shark

A freaking SHARK!!!

Probably the raddest thing I’ve seen.


Cause I instantly wanted to know who that person was and when we could hang out.

I mean if they have a letterbox that looks like a shark they have got to be some pretty cool peeps.

If you saw it at the end of the row of all those boring as letterboxes you’d either love it or not.

There is no point in trying to be like everyone else in your biz.

Oh hell no sista

It’s time to be a shark in your biz

Drop the boring, ‘be like everyone, so everyone likes me’ and embrace your inner shark.

There is no point in hiding your weird, crazy or quirky as thats the very reason you ideal clients will love you,

And those that don’t, well they were never meant to be your clients.

Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Don’t be afraid to be a little weird

Don’t be afraid to be who you are

Don’t be afraid to be your version of a shark in your biz.

If you need help embracing your inner shark and standing out in your adventure biz

Then you and I

Lets talk.

Let’s have a 30 min biz pow wow to see where you’re at right now, no fluff, no bull shit

And then, lets see what you really want to create.

Just use the link to book a time that works for you and let’s see how I can help.


Hear from you soon.

Hear from you soon.

Adventure Seeker. Biz Coach. Speaker.

Helping women like you, turn your outdoor obsession and adventure addiction into a super rad biz.


Don’t Make Your Biz Harder Than It Needs To Be

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Left for brakes and right for gears, Thumb for easy, finger for hard.

This is how I teach any first timer mountain biking out at Woodhill.

Left hand for brakes… cause you gotta know how to stop wen you need to. Right hand for changing gears, so it makes riding easier by a thousand times.

And when you’re using the gears

You use the lever by your thumb to make it easier for going up hills and

You use the lever by you finger to make it easier for going down hills

Are there more than four things you need to know when you’re out mountain biking for the first time… yes

Always remember to look where you wanna go.

All that a side, there are a shit tonne more things you will need to know as you get out on the tracks,

But here’s the thing,

If I were to tell you every single thing straight away, I’d fill your brain with so much information you’d end up overwhelmed and you wouldn’t know what was the most important to get you started.

Just like when you’re overwhelmed in your biz.

You’ve got so much information going on that ya don’t know where to start to get into action.

If that’s you, and you wanna have some help figuring out what you ‘left and right, finger and thumb’ is for you in your adventure biz from someone who’s been there before,

Then you and I

Lets talk.

Just hit reply to this email and let’s see how I can help.

Hear from you soon.

Adventure Seeker. Biz Coach. Speaker.

Helping women like you, turn your outdoor obsession and adventure addiction into a super rad biz with out the guess work and going at it alone.