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Access your IN-TUITION

By January 26, 2017Adventure Girls Blog


Journaling for business success… ain’t that a bit woowoo Senka?

Maybe it is, maybe it isnt, but this is can tell you it’s been something I have been consistently doing for the past 6 months and I’m now getting some of the biggest results in my biz because of it.

Now I’m not saying this is the ONLY REASON for my success.

I always struggle with people reading blogs like this and thinking “oh, I just gotta do that one thing and my business will magically be A M A Z I N G”

As a biz owner, your success depends on a number of things…. cultivating habits that consistently build your focus, help you seek your clarity, uplevel your momentum, and let you tap into the biggest wealth of knowledge you can access… YOUR IN-TUITION.

IN you, you have all the TUITION [noun; teaching or instruction] you need

So the practice of journaling to allow you to tap into the answers and explore is one of those ‘magic tools’ that can help you boost your biz results.

If you’re a little lost when it comes to sitting down and doing the writing, you’re not alone.

When I first started I was like…. ummm ok where do I start?

So in my search for I’ve built up this list of 20 of the raddest journalling prompts from a bunch of cool peps and sites over the last 6 months, and I’ve listed them here just for you.

Use the prompts to help you get started.

  1. What activities light me up, energize me, or make me feel stronger, better, or more inspired?
  2. What I am grateful for today?
  3. What I want more of?
  4. What lessons can you take from yesterday
  5. Where is there evidence of abundance in my life NOW?
  6. How do I want to feel this month?
  7. Describe what feeling safe means to you.
  8. Why do my prospective clients need my services?
  9. Why would someone choose to work with me?
  10. I am
  11. My clients are
  12. I unapologetically stand for?
  13. What activities are so engaging, I lose track of time?
  14. If I were limitless I would do and offer
  15. What distractions am I allowing into my days? How can I start to minimize them?
  16. My reality is
  17. What are you proud of
  18. In what ways do you consider yourself to be quirky?
  19. My happy tank feels the most full when I
  20. What 10 new ways I can generate cash RIGHT NOW?

Ditch any “shoulds” (they suck) and just allow yourself to write what feels best: Choose a prompt a day, select a few as the mood strikes you, or simply write whatever comes to mind in the moment.

Just put pen to paper every working day, suspend any expectation, and release your spirit.

You may find clarity, insight, and unexpected breakthroughs waiting for you at the end of the page!

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