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[VIDEO] 6 Weekly Sales Activities To Help Drive Bookings

If you’re struggling with fresh ideas on effective sales activites for your adventure biz, then fear not!

I’m gonna share 6 of my top sales activites that you can do weekly to help lead to more bookings… you’re welcome.

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


If you’re struggling with fresh ideas on sales generating activity to do in your adventure business. Fear not I’m gonna share with you six of my favorite sales generating activity that you can do every single week that will lead to more bookings. You’re welcome!

Hi! I’m Senka Radonich, creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been running a successful adventure business and for the last three I’ve been teaching epic women just like you, how to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the overwhelm and without the guesswork so in today’s video I wanna share with you six of my favorite sales generating activities that I’m gonna help you get more bookings. Yay! We love more bookings.

They say it can take up to nine touch points in order to convert somebody from not knowing you to being a paid client who’s coming along to your adventures. These daily sales activities or these weekly sales activities are vital as part of your engagement process to move people through your customer journey.

So here they are six activities you can do every single week, week in week out so you can be consistent which, of course, means consistent bookings.

#1 Welcome your new Facebook page and post likers with a private message

This is not an opportunity to spam people. I’m totally and anti-spam, but to drop them a quick “Hello” so you can put a face behind the brand definitely gives people the opportunity to move through that know, like, and trust process with you so once a week make sure that you send me a private message to anybody who’s a new page liker or a new post liker.

#2 Email your upcoming adventures to your email subscribers

I’m hoping that, if you’re in business, you are building an email list. This is a vital asset for your business that you can market regularly your upcoming adventures too. Now, I do say weekly as you’ve heard in any of my stuff before because I’m assuming that you’re gonna be getting new fresh leads every week and, you don’t want them to have to wait a whole entire month in order to get any upcoming adventures that might be happening. You wanna keep people in the know every single week and if they unsubscribe because it’s too often then they just not your client so fear not for unsubscribers but I highly recommend that you send your Upcoming adventures once a week to your audience.

#3 Create an engaging video for Facebook

The reason I have this one in here is because facebook loves video. It helps boost your algorithms, which means that you get in front of more of the people that like your page and of course their friends as well and it gives them an opportunity to engage with you. Now your videos can be done in a couple of different ways and can contain a bunch of different content, whatever it is make sure it’s relevant to your audience so you can either do a facebook live or you can play record and upload your video and you can do anything from sharing a tip to asking a question; so anything that’s gonna create engagement or sharing. So make sure you get one video at least one video up a week onto your facebook page.

#4 Share your freebie often

Now I’ve got my fingers crossed that you have some sort of free optin whether that’s a PDF download, whether it’s a video series whether it’s a free group that people can come to. I’m hoping fingers crossed that you have got some form of free optin to engage with your audience to bring them in so you can build a relationship with them and if you do, I want to make sure that you are sharing that every single week across all your platforms.

The reason it needs to be weekly is if you’re getting fresh leads and new leads and new people coming to your platforms, you wanna make sure that they say that they can join you or receive that free optin so that you can start to build more relationships with them so you can build that know, like and trust with them.

#5 Get your adventures in front of a new audience

This is finding other places like being interviewed, doing blog post for other people, finding other facebook communities that have got a similar audience and getting your adventures out in front of that. I find that interviews are amazing because they give you the opportunity to actually put a face and a voice and a story behind your business and your adventures and a great way to engage with a large group of women that are your targeted audience so make sure that you are aiming to get your adventures and yourself in front of a new audience once a week.

#6 Ask for the sale

You would not believe how much this is actually missed in the entire process. We go through all this relationship building, but often when it comes to the finish line to ask for the sale we stumble and we fall for whatever reason. At least at least once a week you should be asking people for the sale that’s dropping a direct link on how people can book to come to your adventures, anyone who’s interested in specific adventures that you have, inviting them them to come to the adventure with the booking link that sends them the very place that they need to in order to book.

This can be a little bit challenging for some people, but I really wanna stress that this is actually one of the most critical parts in order from moving somebody across from just knowing and liking your stuff to becoming a raving fan who is doing your adventures.

There you have a six kick-ass sales activities that you can use every single week to help drive bookings and of course, sell out adventures. Yay! Now, if you are interested in finding out how you and I can work together so you can ditch the overwhelm and the guesswork and growing your adventure biz, then you can find out more at workwithsenka.com and of course here is to you turning your outdoor obsession into a kick-ass business. I’ll look forward to talking to you soon, otherwise I’ll see you in the next free training video.