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[VIDEO] 6 Easy Steps To Launching Your Adventure Biz

What if I told you, you could finally launch your Adventure Biz in just six easy steps… and with no need for an expensive website either.

I’m hoping you’d be like “hell yeah Senka I’m listening”

In this weeks Free Training Video I’m gonna share the 6 easy steps I use and teach my clients to use so they can start their adventure biz up around $30 bucks and without a webite….

You’re welcome.

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Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz!


What if I told you that you could launch your dream adventure biz today in 6 easy steps and all for less than 30 bucks. You’d be like “Hey Senka, I’m listening”. And if you’re not listening and this doesn’t catch your attention, maybe this will.

What if you could do all that and launch without needing a website. I’m hoping now you’re like “Hell yeah Senka I’m totally listening”. So in this video, I’m going to share with you 6 easy steps that I use and that I also teach my clients to use when they are launching their adventure biz.

Hey I’m Senka Radonich, creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last 8 years I’ve been running a very successful adventure biz and for the last 3 I’ve been teaching awesome women like you how to turn your outdoor obesession into a pumping biz without all the guesswork and of course without the getting at it alone.

So, let’s get started into this week’s training.

#1 Name your biz

The very first step I’m gonna recommend is actually to name your business or your brand or whatever it’s going to be. Naming your business might seem like a really big thing. But I wanna say it’s actually simpler than you think. In order to name your business or your brand, there’s gonna be a bunch of words that really resonate with you about what it is you do, who you’re for, and what they’re gonna get out of coming along to your adventures. So when I named Adventure Girls, it felt like a no-brainer. I felt like “girl” represents any woman at whatever age that were all girls, and it was about going out and doing adventures. And then my tagline is “Kick ass adventures for women” so it really tells people who it’s for and what we’re about.

So when you name your business, come up with something that works for you. Don’t try and overcomplicate this process, you can always change it once you and your business start to evolve.

#2 Set up a biz paypal account

Now I wouldn’t normally say do something technical but I’m all for launching before you’re ready, which is exactly what this is about. But a paypal can take a week or so to get set up. So in order to get you ahead of the game, I recommend that you put this in as step #2 so you are ready to rock and roll once you are done with the next step which of course is gonna be create your adventure.

#3 Decide on an adventure

So in order to create your adventure, you need to get your pressings on what it’s gonna cost on your adventures. You wanna work out how much you wanna make on the day for running your adventures. And that is going to help you set your price for your adventures, so you can then use that Paypal account to create your booking links. Now if you’re a little lost in costing up your adventures, there’s a link in the download that’s with this video that will take you through to my 2 free profit calculators so you can use those to crunch all your numbers.

#4 Set up an FB page and group

You’re gonna need a Meetup page so that you have somewhere for your audience out there who wanna find out more about what you are doing, to actually come and find you somwhere in that big wide interweb. Plus you also need a Facebook page if you’re gonna do any paid Facebook advertising in the future. So you wanna get that set up and of course start up Meetup and a Facebook group alongside that so you actually have somewhere that you can build a community and build a warm audience of people that are hungry to come to your adventures. And then that leads into step #5.

#5 Set up a Meetup group

Now if you follow any of my stuff you know I freaking love Meetup, so this is an amazing place and this is where that 30 bucks comes in. To set up a Meetup account, it costs around 30 dollars for 3-4 months which is ridiculous in terms of costing when you break it down to a cost per lead. I’ve got 4700 people in my Meetup group which has been around 2 years. And if I break that down like how much it has cost me. I think it works out to be 3 cents a lead. I’m pushing to get leads for under a dollar in Facebook. Meetup is my highly-recommended place so get a Meetup group listing, use your biz name or brand that you come up with, put that in there and list your adventure up with your pricing and of course with your booking links as well so people can click the button, book your adventures and come along.

#6 Share the sh*t out of it

So you wanna make sure that you’re not just sitting back and waiting for people to come and book your adventures. You wanna be actively out there sharing your adventures whether that’s on other Facebook groups (make sure you have permission), whether you’re asking friend to share that out, whether you’re being asked for interviews, whether you are inviting other groups that you know are similar audience to be able to come along to your adventures. Whatever it is, you have to share the sh*t out of it, like you have to get off your ass and actually get out there.

Alright ladies, there you have it, my 6 steps that I use and that I teach my clients to use to get them started in the adventure biz without having to start a website and all for the easy price of 30 bucks. So if you wanna get ahead on that free PDF download that has all the steps plus a checklist as well as links to both the 20-minute free Meetup training and my 2 free profit calculators, then click the link that’s at the end of this video.

And of course if you are ready now to launch your adventure biz and to fast track that without all the guesswork and all the going at it alone, then you and I let’s talk. Hit the “Send Message” button that’s with this video. Let me know what your outdoor obsession is and let’s see what I can do to help you get your outdoor obsession up and running as a biz.

So here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz. We’ll talk soon. Bye for now!