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3 Top Tips After 3 Years and 3 Days Back In Biz

By December 22, 2017Adventure Girls Blog

Today marks 3 years and 3 days since I ran my very first adventure after shutting Adventure Girls down for five years after loosing everything in the property market crash…

and scheesh have I learnt a thing or two (or three if Im keeping up withe three theme) the second time around.

So here are my 3 Top Tips After 3 Years and 3 Days In Biz….

1. Start Now

You will never be more ready than you are in this very moment. You can come up with a thousand reason you are not ready, but all you need is one to just start.  For what ever reason we think we need to magically be somewhere in order to start our biz, and that we need to know everything right now and we better quit our day jobs.

Let me tell ya this sista…. the fastest way to get growth is to BE IN ACTION.  You can read all the books, make all the plans, have all ‘the best’ strategies… but they don’t mean jack unless you are actually in the arena doing it.

You need to be in action so that you can adjust your sails as you go.

We all have our BS (belief system) that is holding us back… not good enough, not enough time, too old, not old enough, not skilled enough….. like I said you can come up with a thousand reason why not, but all you need is just one to start.

Loosing my mum to pneumonia at 61 was the trigger for me.  I suddenly realised just how short life can be, and that at any moment it can be taken from us, so why would I want to waste another breathe doing the stuff that does matter with the people that don’t.

You don’t have to have it all figures out, because you take that first step the next one will be revealed, then the next and the next, and then like me 3 years and 3 days later you have a biz you love.


2. Hold On For The Ride

Starting a biz will single handedly be one of the biggest growth journeys you will ever go on.  You will find out things about yourself that you never even knew.  Some of it will relate to business and some of it won’t.

Some the ride you will love and other times you will want to jump off…. but always remember that there is a way through and on the other side of whatever your feeling isn’t working is growth and a new level of awareness and a new lesson.

Growth, challenges, celebrations, highs, lows and inside outs will come… its the nature of biz, you will learn to grow to be more capable than ever, more resilient than ever, more in tune with who you are and what you stand for.

And girl… it is totally worth moving through the resistance.  What’s on the other side is indescribable.  Hold on for the ride.  You’ve got this.


3. Be You

The more you are you, the more you will cut through the noise of all the other marketing and speak directly to the people who need to hear you.  There is no being beige, there is no being a dulled down version of yourself.

Here’s something funny for you…. I thought that I would loose clients when I shaved the side of my head and decided to convert Hank the Tank (my 4X4) so I could travel in him while work… boy was I wrong.

I actually got more clients. Why because I was embracing all of me, removing less of the filter of who I thought I needed to be to be a ‘successful business owner’.

I was no longer toning myself down so others wouldn’t feel weird around me, but more I was doing the things that filled up my happy tank and intern I came from a place of self belief in myself and what I stand for… getting more women out doing more cool shit!

What ever those unexpressed parts you keep burying are because you think the world shouldnt see.. those are the very parts you need to let shine.  They are what make you rad as fuck!

Im not for everyone.. THANK GOD, and you dont need to be in your biz.

You will make more money the more you come home to you.

If you’re a woman with an outdoor obsession or adventure addiction who is wanting to start a biz doing, more likely along side your current job so you can build it up and then step into in the future but you’re not 100% sure how.

Or you are already doing something in the space of your outdoor obsession or adventure addiction but you wanna create some more stuff so you can step more fully into your biz and start to ditch your day job.

Or your biz is ticking over and you’re tired of doing this stuff on ya own and you want a fresh perspective on setting yourself some bad ass goals for the next 12 months.

Then let’s talk.

Let’s get you cranking in your biz.

Grab a free 20 min biz pow wow with me here and we’ll see where your at right now, what you wanna create, and of course how you can get there.

Hear from you soon,

Adventure Seeker. Biz Coach. Speaker.

Helping women in biz in the adventure and outdoor industry start and grow their businesses.