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[VIDEO] 3 Secret NLP Techniques To Help You Deliver The Ultimate Pre Adventure Briefing

By July 24, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Ever felt like your pre adventure briefings are being lost on your group.

Forget that sista,

Here’s 3 NLP techniues you can you use to help you deliver your pre adventure briefing with confidence while building rapport quickly with your group.

Hit play and let’s get stuck in!

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


If you have ever felt like your adventure briefing is falling on deaf ears, then stay tuned in today’s video training I’m gonna cover with you three secrets to the ultimate pre-adventure of everything, so you can deliver with confidence and the knowing that everyone is engaged.

Hi I’m Senka Radonich, creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been running adventures and for the last three I’ve been teaching epic women just like you, how to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without guesswork and of course without having to go at it alone.

#1 Pace & Lead

So number one is to Pace & Lead. This at it alone. So number one is to Pace & Lead. This where they are and take them where you want them to go. So at the beginning of any adventure, the group is full of excitement and nerves and then somewhere in between. So what you wanna do is make that meet that group at that energy level. You don’t wanna come in too hot, often there are people in the group that when you come into it actually throws them off. So you wanna make sure that you match the group where the energy is, and then, as you deliver your content and deliver your briefing, you can actually amp up the excitement and all that sort of stuff to move them through from maybe feeling a bit reserved and not sure about the situation to a place of feeling excited and looking forward to it. So always remember to meet your group, pace where they are and then lead them into the direction and energy level that you want them to go.

#2 Universals & Truisms

Number two is Universals & Truisms. These are statements that you use at the opening of your briefing that are universal and true for everybody in the group. So how this works is it’s a way to build rapport with an entire group of people that have different reservations, different backgrounds, different levels of excitement, but it brings them together and allows you to build rapport with everybody in the group.

So an example of universals & truisms n this case, for this video would be “it’s so great to have you watching this video, wherever you are in the world, whether this is the first video you’ve watched all you’ve watched one before I’m excited to share the contest with you in here”. So in that opening statement I use probably about three universals & truism, so “it’s great that you’re watching this video”, “no matter where you are in the world”, “whether you’ve watched my videos before or you, it’s great to be sharing this content with you”. So no matter what situation you are in, those four things should have rung true to you so when you’re doing your briefings for your adventures, you can utilize your universals & truisms to build a rapport with everybody that’s in the group.

So in your briefings always make sure that you cover at least three universals & truisms for people so that that way they have all got something that they say yes to and that they feel they’re part of and I can guarantee you’ll build instant rapport was everybody that’s there.

#3 Seven +/-2

Number three is Seven +/-2. So this is the chunks of information that our brain can hold at any one time. That means we actually taking in the information that’s being shared with us so when you’re doing your briefings, it’s important to make sure that at the start you are actually doing an overview of the event and of the day as opposed to going into all of the details straight away. So when you’re doing your briefing instead of launching straight into the detail, you might wanna make sure that you break it up into smaller chunks and explain what’s gonna be happening through the day and big chunks and then go back and start to have each of those items in detail so people can understand everything that’s going on and they can actually retain that information.

So there you have it. My three super secret NLP techniques that you can now use to deliver your briefings to make sure you build rapport with everybody and that the information that you’re sharing with them is going in. Now, if you want to find out how you and I can work together today to either start your adventure, biz or to grow it, then you can find out more at workwithsenka.com and the coolest, here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biiz without guesswork without the overwhelm. And, of course, without having to go at it alone. We’ll talk soon. Bye for now.