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[VIDEO] 3 Essential Must Haves For Your Adventure Listing To Help Convert Sales

By June 25, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Looking to improve your conversion rate on your adventure listing… duh, of course you do.

In this free training I’m talking about how these 3 components will help improve bookings no matter the platform you have your adventure listed on.

Hit play and let’s dive on in.

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


Looking to improve your conversion right on your adventure listing? Of course you are! Then stay tuned for this week’s free training where I run through the 3 essentials that you must have on any adventure listing in order to help convert your sales and of course, get more bookings.

Hi! I’m Senka Radonich – creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last 8 years I’ve been running successfully an adventure business and for the last three I’ve been teaching epic women just like you how to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and of course without the overwhelm. Your adventure listing is one of those key essence that you have that or no matter what platform it’s on whether it’s your website, your facebook or your Meetup or anything like that. Having the right information in the right sequence can be crucial to actually helping people move through the know, like and trust process of coming on board and coming and doing your adventures so I’m gonna cover with you three of my key essentials that you need to have on your adventure listing at any one time.

#1 Put a booking button at the top of your listing without the price

Now there’s two parts to this. The first part is we wanna put it near the top of the listing almost in the below the fold. So when somebody lands on the page, you can see the booking so if they’ve already seen your page, they don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom, to book the adventure and the second reason that we do that without the pricing is because if they’re landing on the page for the very first time you want them to read all the information about the adventure before they make a snap judgement on the pricing that way when they’re reading through all the content they know exactly what they’re gonna get and they can see the value that you’re providing and therefore the price that you’re charging.

#2 Add video

The statistics for video engagement is huge. So it is a whole different ballpark to just putting out static images on your website. You’ll get way more engagement and way more people buying into the emotion when they’re watching a video so I highly recommend that you put a video no more than one minute up on you adventure listings so that people can see what they gonna get out of your adventure.

Make sure that your video is all about the emotion and the celebration and all of that, not just the listing of exactly what they’re gonna get out of it. You want people to buy into the story and the joy of what they’re gonna experience when they come along to your adventure.

Don’t worry, if you’re not a video editor. There’s plenty of free tools online for you to be able to edit your videos and of course, you can always outsource editing videos as well, so make sure they’re engaging, make sure there’s music, make sure they’re fun and I can guarantee that will help with the know, like and trust process.

#3 Have testimonials that handle objections

So testimonials awesome to have on your website but they’re even better if they’re handling the objection of somebody who wants to come along. So testimonials when you’re asking for them from people, make sure you pull out the snippets that are specific to handling objections so things like. “I was really worried about turning up to your adventure by myself but the girls that were there were super welcoming” or even something like “I was all worried about being the slowest person on the adventure, but the girls made me feel totally welcome and I’m so pleased that I did it”. So those testimonials speak way more into the objections that people have when they’re coming along to adventure, so when you are asking for testimonials at the end of an adventure, which I’m hoping you do, make sure that you structure the questions that you are asking them in a way for them to provide the answers that you want so that you can use those testimonials again to help in the know, like and trust process of people wanting to come and do your adventures.

There you have it, my three essential must haves for any adventure listing and of course, if you’re looking for more ways to grow your adventure biz make sure you subscribe at the link that’s with this video to get more free training delivered to your inbox every single week and if you wanna know how you and I can work together to grow your adventure biz, then check out the ways that we can do just that at workwithsenka.com.

So here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the overwhelm and without the guesswork. We’ll talk soon!