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[VIDEO] 3 Daily Biz Habits To Keep You On Track And Kicking Butt

By June 27, 2018Adventure Girls Blog

Will Durant said “we are what we do repeatidly. Excellence, therefor, is not an act, but a habit’.

And the same theory applies to your adventure biz.

Which is why…. if you’re not getting the results you want,

You may want to look at your daily routines you are (or aren’t) doing.

In this free video training I gonna share three of my daily biz habits so you can swipe them and apply them to your biz for growth and butt kicking.

Hit play and let’s get stuck in!

Here’s to you turning your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and without the overwhelm.


“We are what we do repeatedly therefore excellence is not an act but in fact a habit”, and this is so relevant for your adventure biz.

If you’re not getting the results in your business that you want, it might be time to take a look at the daily habits so you are maybe not even doing in your business, so in this free training, I’m gonna cover with you three daily biz habits that I do so that you can sweat them and start applying them to your business so you can start kicking off.

Hi I’m Senka Radonich creator of Adventure Girls in Biz and for the last eight years I’ve been successfully running Adventure Girls and for the last three I’ve been teaching epic women just like you, how to turn your outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the guesswork and of course, without the whole going at it alone. So, let’s get stuck into today’s training around business habits and how you can use them just like kicking a** in your business.

#1 Tune your radio

So number one is to tune your radio first. Now I’m speaking metaphorically here although turning your radio on and getting some pumping tunes is a really great way to change the state and get you cranking for the day and that this particular topic I’m talking about turning on your mindset frequency. Did you know that we get something like 70000 thoughts in a day. Some of those of you so and let’s just be honest, some of those are not so by tuning your mindset frequency first thing in the morning and setting at the direction that you actually wanna be focusing on for the day, I can guarantee you that you will be setting yourself up for success and of course for heading in the direction that you wanna be creating.

So there are a couple of ways that you can tune your mindset frequency on and that is by doing a couple of things. Journaling in the morning so that way you are clearing your mind out, setting your mind in the direction of the things that you wanna do and another couple of ways you can do that is also through affirmations. Whether you love them or hate them, whether you wanna rename them reminders as opposed to calling them affirmations because that’s just too woowoo, they are something that I do every single day in my business and they are definitely a huge path for setting my mindset frequency and the direction that I wanna be creating for the day, so I can focus on the things that I really need to.

#2 Daily sales actions

Number two is daily sales actions. Making money in your business is the heart of your business and being able to do it in the adventure space, the space that you love is the soul of your business. So that makes cash flow, the lifeblood of your business so you wanna be making sure that you’re taking actions every single day that help drive bookings, cash flow and anything that is sales-related in your business.

So whether you’re working full time in your business or you’re still working a job alongside setting up your business, at the very least, you should be doing at least one sales activity or one sales action a day at a very minimum. So these include things like doing a facebook post, doing an email out to your audience and calling people who are interested in doing your adventure, inviting people to come along to your adventure, finding people to do interviews with, anything else like doing a facebook ad and re-targeting it to people that have seen your stuff. There’s so many activities that you can do at any time, so make sure you’re doing at least one in your business every single day.

#3 The three R’s

Number three is the three Rs. Now I was inspired to create this from when I did the body for life training system. Now this is to review, write and reset. So how this works is you wanna review your day that’s going by, what’s happened, what hasn’t happened, how it’s gone write it, however, you wanna write it whether that’s out of ten or by stars or whatever makes you happy and number three is to reset and you wanna reset for the day that’s coming up next. Now I love this system for several reasons. Number one is that it gives your a mental switch off at the end of the day.

So once you’ve done the three Rs you know that it’s the end of the day and it’s time to switch off. I also love this because if you had a shitty day which let’s face it we have those in business, it’s really good to actually let all of that out, have a vent, let it out, write it down, clear the energy on it and then that way you can actually take the lessons from all the shi*t that’s happened for the day and take the lessons and then of course take the learning forward enter your business and, lastly, the reason I love this system so much is that in resetting for the next day ahead, it means in the morning you can wake up fresh, clear on what you wanna do and in that way, you can go out and you can kick ass in your business the next day because you know exactly what needs to get done.

So there you have it three daily biz habits that you can use to kick ass in your business. Now if you wanna find out how you and I can work together, then you can find out more at workwithsenka.com and of course to get more free videos like this delivered to your inbox every single week, make sure you subscribe at the link that’s with this video and of course here’s to you turning outdoor obsession into a pumping biz without the overwhelm and without the guesswork. I’ll look forward to talking to you soon. Catch you later! Let’s do it!